Chad Van Horn: Where is Squid Game Player 286 Now?

Image Credit: Serpell-Rand/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ has captivated people across the world with its highly intriguing spin on the beloved Korean series, ‘Squid Game.’ The reality show’s penchant for always providing the unexpected and keeping everyone on their toes is something both unique and appreciable. As such, there are many contestants throughout the show with whom the viewers find themselves bonding, only to realize that their support might be in vain.

Consider Chad Von Horn, AKA Player 286, who progressed much in season 1 of the show thanks not only to his skills in various games but also to the alliances her had formed as a contestant. His friendship with Mai Whelan certainly earned him the love of many, who could not wait to see how their alliance would shape the events that were yet to unfold. The wait was certainly worth it all, given just how both parties benefitted throughout the show.

Apart from Chad’s social connections, he was also a great player whose performance in various games allowed him to be one of the top 12 contestants. However, given the nature of the competition, the fact that Chad did end up leaving the show was highly likely, though that did not stop his fans from mourning what could have been. As such, they are now curious about his current whereabouts.

Chad Van Horn is Now a Bankruptcy Attorney

Chad Van Horn’s presence in the Netflix series as one of the top performers allowed him to gain much fame across the world. The reality TV star is rightfully proud of everything he was able to achieve on the show. Many of his supporters have also voiced their appreciation for the way in which the reality TV star played the game. He also seems to be on very good terms with many of his fellow cast members, several of whom have been more than happy to talk favorably about Chad.

Originally from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Chad now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Having been a student at Nova Southeastern University’s Shepard Broad College of Law from 2005 to 2008, he has a law degree. Additionally, he was enrolled at Robert Morris University from 2002 to 2005, where he learned more about business, especially the fields of marketing and entrepreneurship. In 2003, he also studied International Business, Trade, and Commerce at The American University of Rome.

Thanks to his legal qualifications and business skills, Chad has become a highly successful man. At present, he is a Founding Partner for Van Horn Law Group, having been a part of the organization since February 2012. He has also been the Legal Counsel to the Board of Directors/Board Members of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County, Florida. Chad now runs a successful legal business and specializes as a bankruptcy attorney.

As for his personal life, Chad has been happily married to Gabriela Van Horn since February 2020. The ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ player enjoys much support from his friends and family, all of whom have stood by his side and have been more than happy to showcase their support for him during his on-screen journey. Chad also has an adorable dog named Chuckles, whom he adores very much. He often posts his pictures on social media, much to the joy of those who are connected to Chad through social media.

Having traveled to places like France, Nicaragua, and Italy, among many other countries, Chad is a well-traveled man who seems to enjoy living life to the fullest. Proud of all that he has achieved in life, the attorney is certainly not shy about his Netflix appearance and seems quite happy that he went through the whole experience, even if he was not declared the ultimate winner. No matter the case, the player certainly has won the curiosity and support of many.

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