Chelsea and Michael “Mikey”: Are Love After Lockup Stars Still a Couple?

Love stories come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes, they unfold in the most unexpected places. Chelsea and Michael “Mikey” Harmon, stars of the hit reality TV show ‘Love After Lockup’ season 5, captured the hearts of viewers with their unique journey of love against all odds. As the show progressed, we got to see the couple’s intriguing story – from their initial meeting online to their life after the cameras stopped rolling. As they navigate the complexities of life beyond the show, Chelsea and Michael “Mikey” Harmon continue to prove that love, when genuine, can endure the tests of time. Their story is a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected love stories become the most enduring ones.

Chelsea and Michael “Mikey” Harmon Had Their Ups And Downs

In season 5 of ‘Love After Lockup’ and its spinoff, ‘Love During Lockup,’ viewers were introduced to Chelsea and Mikey Harmon. Their tale began in the realm of online communication, where Chelsea found herself drawn to Mikey despite his incarceration. The couple’s connection deepened over time, leading them to dream of a shared future, even as Mikey faced years before becoming eligible for parole. Chelsea’s excitement reached its peak when she journeyed to Kentucky, to pick Mikey up upon his release. Accompanied by her son Trevor, Chelsea eagerly anticipated introducing Mikey to her children, hoping he would become a positive father figure in their lives.

The night before his release, Chelsea shared her excitement with her best friend, Beth, emphasizing the importance of her children liking Mikey, as they were her top priority. During their trip home, Mikey presented Chelsea with a ring, a symbol of their promise to one another. He expressed his commitment, referring to Chelsea as his ride or die, a sentiment reinforced by his learning sign language to communicate with her due to her hearing impairment. However, Chelsea remained in the dark about Mikey’s criminal past, as he preferred not to discuss it. Despite this, their on-screen journey showcased Mikey’s willingness to fulfill Chelsea’s desires.

Chelsea and Michael “Mikey” Harmon Are Still Together

After the curtains closed on their reality TV journey, Chelsea and Mikey Harmon’s love story continues in the real world. In a recent live session, Mikey reassured fans that the couple is still together, although he candidly admitted that their relationship has its share of ups and downs. The post-show phase has not been without challenges, and one major aspect involves Mikey’s ongoing settlement related to his less-than-ideal treatment during his time behind bars. Mikey has opened up about the difficulties he faced while incarcerated, emphasizing that he wasn’t treated well and reportedly lacked proper care. Despite these past struggles, he remains steadfast in his commitment to Chelsea and prioritizes his relationship with her daughter.

Mikey has made it clear that his daughter holds a special place in his heart, and he vows to keep her well-being at the forefront of his priorities. On the professional front, Mikey has been making significant strides in building a stable life outside the prison walls. Having secured a good job in Ohio, he has recently added a car and a bike to his list of personal accomplishments. Additionally, Mikey has ventured into the realm of music, treating fans to new releases on an online platform, Band Lab. This multifaceted approach to life showcases his resilience and determination to create a better future for himself and Chelsea. What remains evident through their post-show journey is the unwavering love between Chelsea and Mikey.

Despite the rocky patches and the challenges they face, both Chelsea and Mikey openly express their affection for each other. The exchange of “I Love You” serves as a testament to the enduring bond they’ve forged beyond the confines of reality TV. In the grand scheme of things, material achievements and personal successes are secondary—what truly matters is the love they’ve discovered in each other. Their love story transforms into a compelling proof of the resilience of love in the face of adversity. Through the highs and lows, the couple’s commitment to each other remains unwavering, proving that their journey is not just about drama but real love.

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