Cheryl and Josh: Are Love After Lockup Stars Still a Couple?

In the tumultuous realm of reality television, Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt emerged as an electrifying duo on season 2 of ‘Love After Lockup.’ Their on-screen chemistry sparked intrigue and fascination among viewers, casting a shadow of mystery over the intricacies of their relationship. But the audience was unaware that the seemingly perfect match would soon be thrust into a whirlwind of challenges that transcended the confines of the small screen. As the curtains fell on their televised journey, the aftermath unfolded on social media, revealing a tale of unexpected twists, messy breakups, and a subsequent dive into the complex realities of life after the lockup.

Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt Had Major Differences on The Show

In the world of ‘Love After Lockup,’ where relationships face the ultimate test of incarceration, Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt stood out as a couple with undeniable chemistry on the show. Their journey painted a picture of a perfect match, as the bank-robbing bad boy Josh seemingly found his counterpart in Cheryl. However, the road to happiness was far from smooth for these two lovebirds.

During their stint on season 2, Cheryl and Josh faced intense struggles, not just with each other but with a third party – a formidable force in the form of Josh’s mom, Tina Hyatt. The dynamics of the relationship were tested, revealing differences in attitudes and values that threatened to unravel the love that had sparked during their time on the show.

Cheryl and Josh Are Not Together Anymore

As the curtains closed on the reality TV drama, the real-life saga of Cheryl and Josh also ended. Social media became the battleground for their messy split, with Josh hurling words like psycho and delusional at his former reality TV flame. The breakup was confirmed in the most modern of ways, as Josh posted a picture with his new puppy, declaring it to be his new girl. The post-show revelation has left ‘Love After Lockup’ fans wondering about the root causes of their separation. Cheryl swiftly rebounded into another relationship, only to find it plastered across the public eye.

Cheryl’s ex-partner showcased the messy state of her house and made damning allegations about her motherhood and drug use. However, Cheryl emerged from this public drama, seemingly single and determined to focus on raising her three children. But in an unexpected twist, looks like she has found love again. She recently revealed that she has been in a new relationship since February 16, 2023. The identity of her boyfriend remains shrouded in speculation. We do know that not only is he in prison, but he was in prison with Josh. This led to a divide among her fans; while some congratulated her on her new beginnings, others criticized her for not living a straight life.

Living in Greeley, Colorado, Cheryl continues to captivate the audience with the enigma of her personal life. On the flip side, Josh embarked on his post-show journey with a new flame. Reportedly, intimate shower pictures flooded social media, only to be abruptly deleted, signaling the demise of yet another relationship. Despite the challenges faced by an ex-convict in securing employment, Josh maintained a steady job with a Colorado-based roofing company for quite some time. He embraced the simple joys of life, frequently sharing moments with his canine companion.

Josh also revealed his literary side, authoring a book titled, Message In Blood. He was living a normal life until the shadows of the past crept back into his life with a foolish drug felony, resulting in a six-year sentence. The charges range from possession with intent to distribute, a third-degree felony, to possessing a weapon as a previous offender, a fifth-degree felony. The latest chapter in Josh’s story finds him behind bars once again, serving time for his actions. As the ‘Love After Lockup’ saga continues, the tale of Cheryl Childers and Josh Hyatt stands as a testament to the unpredictable nature of love, echoing beyond the confines of reality TV into the complex reality of life after the lockup.

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