Where is Chloe from Too Hot to Handle Today?

Netflix’s new dating reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ has seen many couples form and break. In a quest to forge deep connections and meaningful relationships, ten hot singles are forced to live in an island villa. But, they are forbidden from indulging in any kind of sexual activity. While many succeeded in this process, others were disappointed and heartbroken. Chloe was one of the few singles left at the end of the show, who had slowly embraced the journey but failed to find love.

Who is Chloe Veitch?

Chloe Veitch is a young model from Essex, UK, who has won numerous modeling competitions. Her girl-next-door persona caught the eye of quite a few men. But, her ditzy attitude didn’t work the charm that was required to entice men into getting to know her more.

She initially fancied Harry, but he coupled up with Francesca. Lost and not knowing where to start, the producers offered her to go on a date with David. While they engaged in flirty witty banter, she felt that there could potentially be something significant in store for them. Eventually, she lost interest in him and moved on to a newcomer, Bryce.

Bryce fell for Chloe the first time he saw her. For him, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He tried to woo her with his piano-playing and singing skills, but that didn’t take him too far. Chloe wasn’t physically attracted to him, and he couldn’t give her the ‘banter’ that she wanted. They did kiss and cost the group $3,000 worth prize money due to the rule breach, but she realized that she didn’t feel a spark with him.

She then tried to bond with yet another new player, Kori. A typical casanova, he played Chloe, whereas she genuinely liked him. They broke the rule and kissed, resulting in the deduction of another three grand from the prize money. Heartbroken and betrayed, that Kori was more interested in Francesca, she gave up and enjoyed the final days of the show with her friends.

Where is Chloe Now?

Chloe is currently living in London as she is busy with her photoshoots and modeling assignments. She is still single and focusing on her career. Her Instagram captions talk about the power of a professional woman.

In one of her posts, she talked about waiting for her prince charming. Her friend commented that it wouldn’t be too long now. Chloe replied that she was just joking and it was better to work on herself for the time being. Although, her Valentine’s Day post has got us wondering if she has a secret lover.

Chloe was also traveling across Rome and Egypt in recent months. She has also just turned 21 and celebrated her birthday with Nicole and Lydia, who are in London as well.

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