Are Chris and Zoe From the Love Island Australia Still Together?

9Go’s ‘Love Island’ is an Australian reality series that follows several Islanders as they’re stranded in a Villa under surveillance on their quest to find love. In season 3, Chris Graudins and Zoe Clish, a couple of 25-year-olds from Gold Coast, Queensland, signed up on the show to try their luck with finding love. Neither joined the season in the beginning but still managed to find their way to each other.

The couple was such a hit that fans rooted for them throughout the show, eventually leading them to the finale as one of the runners-up. While it’s been some time since the season wrapped up in 2021, loyal fans of the show have been wondering about the current relationship status of Chris and Zoe to know whether the much-loved pair’s relationship managed to stand the test of time.

Chris and Zoe Had Undeniable Chemistry Since Day 1

For Chris and Zoe, it seemed like love at first sight. Unlike most of the other pairs of the season, they had a pretty smooth journey inside the Villa. While Chris entered the season in the second week, Zoe came in a little late in the fourth week. The moment they saw each other, Chris was instantly captivated by Zoe’s charm and personality. Meanwhile, for Zoe, she loved his sincerity. Their relationship started to progress quickly from there on.

To get her journey started, Zoe chose to go on speed dates with three Islanders, with Chris being her priority pick. Their chemistry was palpable as the couple complimented each other while learning about similarities between them. The connection they shared as they complimented each other’s eyes and found similarities was obvious. This led Chris to Couple Up with Zoe and the rest became history. As their conversations grew deep and meaningful, it wasn’t long before the couple shared moments of intimacy. Their blissful romance grew even stronger during the Casa Week when Chris realized his liking for Zoe was much more than what he’d thought.

The pair’s loyalty towards each other only strengthened with each passing day and hurdle. Things got further romantic when Chris sent Zoe on a treasure hunt around the Villa to look for notes he’d left her. The final spot saw her end up at the tree swing, where Chris proposed to her to be his girlfriend, making them the first official couple in the Villa. To celebrate their special moment, the couple headed to the Hideaway. As they cheerfully discussed their bond, Zoe said, “Whether we’re inside the Villa or whether we’re outside, I know as long as I’ve got you by my side, I’m going to have a great time.”

Zoe is Focussing on Herself, While Chris Maintains a Low-Profile

Despite a promising end to their romance in the Villa, Chris and Zoe were unable to sustain their relationship in the world outside and chose to part ways a month after the finale. Sharing the news on their social media, Chris said, “We have decided that it’s best we stay as friends rather than in a relationship. It’s been a long journey filled with nothing but happiness and love. But at the end of the day, there’s more to a relationship than just having similar personalities or qualities. We both expected to grow once outside the Villa, but unfortunately, it’s just not how things turn out sometimes, and life happens.”


He continued, “We are very supportive of one another, and there is absolutely no bad blood or spite between us. We just think it’s better to stay close as friends to maintain the amazing relationship we already have.” However, Zoe’s break-up post hinted at her having issues she needed to resolve and shouldering most of the blame for the split. The former pair had an amicable separation and bore no ill will against each other. After the split, both Chris and Zoe happily moved on in life. In early 2022, there were rumors of Chris dating fellow ‘Love Island’ contestant Lexy Thornberry, which they eventually confirmed in February of the same year.

However, the couple sadly parted ways four months later. Since then, Chris has maintained a low profile. Despite having a social media presence, he has preferred to keep his life private and away from the public eye. Meanwhile, Zoe has been focussing on her life with her friends and family back in Gold Coast. The gorgeous diva has been quite active on social media, sharing glimpses of how she’s chosen to reconnect with herself and her folks. However, Zoe has preferred to keep her current relationship status away from scrutiny and has refrained from sharing any details on the same.

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