Couty Alexander Today: What Happened to Christa’s Husband and Killer?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Vengeance: Killer Newlyweds: Unholy Matrimony’ depicts the gruesome murder of 24-year-old Christa Alexander inside her marital home in Colyell, Louisiana, in late June 2008. When the police arrived at the crime scene, all evidence seemingly pointed toward a robbery gone wrong. However, they soon discovered that the crime was more sinister than they had initially anticipated. While the viewers wonder about the killer’s identity, they would be astonished to learn the victim’s parents had already forgiven the perpetrator.

How Did Christa Alexander Die?

The police responded to an urgent 911 call by 22-year-old EMT Couty Alexander in Colyell in Livingston Parish, Louisiana, around 5:51 am on June 29, 2008. The distressed husband reported that he had returned from his night shift to his home at 18059 Watts Road to find the front door ajar and his wife deceased in a spare bedroom. Tragically, the first responders confirmed the death of Christa Alexander at the scene. She was discovered lying face down, with her head inside a closet and part of her body extending outside the closet.

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The grim details revealed that she had been shot in the back of the head in an execution-style. Her body was cold to touch, indicating she had been there for a while, and the police observed no signs of struggle on her. She had severe bruising on her face from the trauma of the shot. She had been shot from such a close range that the barrel of the gun had burnt the skin on the back of her head. Christa Ann (née Baker) Alexander was born to Pastor Winfred Baker and Patsy Ann (née Bissell) Baker in Laurel in Jones County, Mississippi, on November 27, 1983.

Raised in a devout Baptist family, Christa was deeply immersed in the church from a young age. The youngest of three siblings with two older brothers, she was affectionately described by her mother, Patsy, as “the baby of the family and a sweet girl.” Christa’s father, Winfred, highlighted her captivating smile and the radiant spirit she carried. In 1991, the Baker family relocated to Abita Springs, Louisiana, where they constructed their church, and Christa actively participated in its operations. It was there where she met her future husband, Couty Alexander.

Who Killed Christa Alexander?

In 1991, the Baker family relocated to Abita Springs, Louisiana, where they constructed their church, and Christa actively participated in its operations. Engaging in ministry from an early age, she embarked on numerous world trips with Christian missionary organizations to extend her service to others, particularly children, expressing her anticipation for starting her own family. Christa was homeschooled and pursued a degree in Christian Education through online courses at North Tennessee Bible Institute.

Her commitment to traditional values was evident, as she “saved herself” and adhered to the principle of dating only with the intention of marriage. Despite this, she cultivated beautiful friendships, including one with Couty Alexander, a fellow youth pastor. Patsy fondly recalled Couty’s charismatic personality and how he was a groomsman at her older brother’s wedding. The two shared several missionary trips. After years of friendship, Couty sought Winfred’s permission for Christa’s hand, and the father delightfully agreed.

While Christa contributed to her parents’ church, Couty dedicated himself to training as a paramedic, aligning with their commitment to service and faith. Couty and Christa exchanged their vows on March 1, 2008, but tragically, only four months later, Christa fell victim to a heinous crime. The police found a 9-mm shell casing inside the bedroom. A thorough examination of the house revealed signs of a robbery, evident in the overturned jewelry box, a broken gun cabinet, and missing items from the residence.

Initially, the circumstances pointed towards a botched robbery as the possible motive for the tragic incident. Employed for overnight shifts as an EMT with Acadian Ambulance, Couty stated that his wife was ironing clothes when he left for work. Concerned when she did not answer his calls, he returned home to discover a ransacked residence, his wife deceased, and two firearms—a rifle and a shotgun—missing. The distressed husband further disclosed that Christa was 17 weeks pregnant with their child, Martha Irene.

However, the police soon discerned that the scene had been deliberately staged. Contrary to a typical robbery, no jewelry items appeared missing, and Christa’s purse remained undisturbed on a bedroom table. Aside from the two absent guns, no other belongings seemed to be stolen. They talked with the landlord, Mavis Rabalais, and she reported seeing him shoot turtles in a neighboring pond frequently with a Springfield XD 40 9-mm. When the officers gathered the shell casings and analyzed them, the ballistics proved it was the murder weapon.

However, Courty claimed he had sold the gun to a stranger named Steve a day before the incident. However, the police soon found it was a dead lead, and Christa’s parents revealed how the couple was in financial trouble. They also alleged that he might have been cheating on her. With all fingers pointing toward Courty, the police called him in for another round of questioning on June 29. Soon, the investigators started poking holes in his story, and Cody eventually broke down and confessed to murdering his wife before leaving for work on June 28, 2008.

Where Is Couty Alexander Now?

Couty claimed Christa had found out about his affair with his erstwhile co-worker, Allison Sharp. She had threatened to leave him, and he killed his wife during the argument. He was charged with second-degree murder in his wife’s death, first-degree feticide for killing the unborn child, and obstruction of justice for allegedly staging a crime scene. During his August 2009 trial, he claimed he did not shoot his wife on purpose — the gun he had taken out to sell off  “brushed against her head,” and he pulled the trigger, allegedly unaware that it was loaded.

However, the prosecution dismissed it, claiming Couty had been shooting firearms since a young age, having learned from his father. They also highlighted his infidelity with Allison, noting how the two had even spent a night together at Calloway Inn in Baton Rouge. They informed the jury how he left the doors ajar and the lights on, hoping someone else would find the body and call the police while he was at work. He disposed of his guns, including the murder weapon, on his way to work, and even gave a DVD player to Allison.

Couty revealed that he earned $11 per hour and faced challenges in passing a test that would have led to a higher income. Additionally, they encountered difficulties as their washing machine was malfunctioning. Christa, lacking health insurance and employment, contributed to their financial strain. The couple resided in a rental home. He pled guilty to manslaughter, obstruction of justice, and first-degree feticide while the jury deliberated. The 38-year-old is serving his 55-year sentence at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

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