Christmas Under The Stars: Cast and Filming Locations

“Uplift-erature” could be the perfect term to describe the kind of movies that Hallmark is known for: ones that instill hope and positivity in viewers. That term is even more suitable for the Hallmark television film, ‘Christmas Under the Stars,’ since it is the word used by Rick Dunlap, whose novel the movie is based on.

Dunlap’s story is an inspiring one. His yet-to-be-published novel, ‘A Christmas Tree Lot’ is what saved him from alcoholism, substance abuse and being left by his wife.  His life had been in shambles after he lost his job at the age of 56. The story of Dunlap’s novel is inspired by his own story and a Christmas tree lot that he would see every November on his way to work and back.

“It can be a really hard world we live in. When somebody reads one of my novels I want them to walk away feeling good,” Dunlap told Chicago Tribune. You can read more about his motivational story on where he recounts how he was “sinking very quickly” and what helped him recover.

‘Christmas Under the Stars’ revolves around Nick, an investment banker who gets fired from his job. Then, he takes a job at a Christmas lot owned by a widower. He starts to fall in love with an astronomy teacher named Julie there. The romance transforms Nick forever. Being a self-centered person, Nick starts to experience the joy of aiding others and living a more wholesome life.

It is easy to see how the story of ‘Christmas Under the Stars’ is inspired by Dunlap’s personal story. Both, Dunlap and the protagonist face a crisis after losing their jobs. Both of them undergo an intrinsic transformation to become better people. “I’m always hoping somebody will learn from the things I was struggling with,” believes Dunlap.

Christmas Under the Stars Filming Locations

‘Christmas Under the Stars’ exudes the holiday spirit since a large part of the movie is set in the Christmas lot where Nick finds work after losing his job. The Christmas lot that inspired Dunlap’s original story is located in Richton Park, Illinois. However, the movie is not set or shot in the same lot. So, where was ‘Christmas Under the Stars’ filmed?

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

‘Christmas Under the Stars’ has been filmed in the British Columbia region of Canada. Of late, Canada has been witnessing a spike in the number of productions choosing to film in the country. Moreover, most Hallmark movies have been filmed in Canada. This is mainly due to the tax credits that are offered in Canada for producers that opt to film in the country.

Have a look at the following Twitter post. It shows how the movie had been filmed on 330 W Pender Street in Vancouver. Apart from that, the Instagram post below that reveals how filming took place in Langley.

Christmas Under the Stars Cast: Who is in it?

Jesse Metcalfe headlines the cast of ‘Christmas Under the Stars,’ playing the character of Nick Bellwith, an investment banker who loses his job. Fans of ‘Desperate Housewives’ would recognize him as John Rowland. Metcalfe also stars in the Hallmark series, ‘Chesapeake Shores.’ 

Autumn Reeser stars opposite Metcalfe in ‘Christmas Under the Stars’ and essays the character of Julie Gibbons, an astronomy teacher. She has appeared in multiple prominent television series like ‘Entourage’ and ‘The O.C.’ Moreover, she has played the lead role on ten Hallmark television movies (including ‘Christmas Under the Stars’)!

Moreover, Clarke Peters plays the role of Clem Marshwell. Anthony Bolognese, Yoshié Bancroft and Matt Clarke are also a part of the movie’s cast.

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