Claire Dorotik: Where is Jane Dorotik’s Daughter Now?

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Following the unexpected death of Robert Dorotik in 2000, everything for the Dorotiks turned upside down. Jane Dorotik, his wife, was arrested and prosecuted for his murder based on the evidence uncovered. However, during her trial, she put forth a defense claiming that it was their daughter Claire who had committed the crime. Despite Jane being convicted of the murder, the accusation against Claire was incomprehensible to her. In the CBS ’48 Hours’ episode titled ‘The Troubled Case Against Jane Dorotik’, Claire steps forward to share her side of the story.

Who is Jane Dorotik?

Born to Jane and Robert “Bob” Dorotik, Claire Dorotik was raised alongside her two brothers, Alex and Nicholas. She shared a close bond with her mother. When she was around 9 or 10 years old, her mother gifted her a horse, sparking an immediate passion within her. Growing up in California, Claire harbored lofty aspirations for her future. After completing her schooling, she enrolled at San Diego State University in 1998, where she pursued studies in Kinesiology and Exercise Science while staying with her parent’s at the family ranch.

In February 2000, Claire received the shocking news of her father’s death, reportedly while she was away in Los Angeles for the weekend. Upon returning home to support/share her grief with the family, Claire was taken aback to discover that her mother had been arrested for her father’s murder. Despite the turmoil, she remained focused on her studies and successfully graduated in 2001. She also took up the responsibility of maintaining her family’s horse business and ranch single-handedly. Subsequently, Claire enrolled at San Diego University for Integrative Studies, where started her master’s degree in Marriage and Child Family Counseling.

It was during this same tumultuous year that she became entangled in her father’s murder case. In Jane’s May 2001 trial, the defense’s theory implicated Claire as the perpetrator. The matriarch contended that the strained relationship between Claire and her father, coupled with the fact that Robert’s blood was found in Claire’s bedroom, suggested the latter’s involvement in the crime. Jane admitted to assisting in the cleanup of the crime scene. Yet, throughout the trial, Claire opted to invoke her Fifth Amendment right and was not deemed guilty of the murder. Though her mother was.

Claire Dorotik in An Author and Therapist Today

In the years that ensued, Claire Dorotik devoted herself to her professional endeavors and forged a remarkable career path. She commenced her practice as a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in trauma, addictions, and posttraumatic growth. Concurrently, she began cultivating her skills as a writer. In 2011, Claire achieved a significant milestone with the publication of her debut book, ‘No Secret So Close: A True Story of a Father’s Murder, a Mother’s Betrayal, a Family Torn Apart, and the Horses That Turned It All Around.’ In this memoir, as its title suggests, she candidly recounts her experiences during and following the legal proceedings, illustrating how her connection with her horses provided solace and healing during those tumultuous times.

In that same year, she published another book titled ‘On the Back of a Horse: Harnessing the Healing Power of the Human-Equine Bond,’ delving further into the therapeutic benefits of the bond between humans and horses. Additionally, she authored ‘Group Fitness Bootcamps: The Complete Guide to Starting and Running Group Fitness Bootcamps’ in 2013. The year marked also significant another significant milestone for Claire, as she married her long-term partner Andrei Nana. Alongside her literary accomplishments, Claire has even found solace in physical exercise and embarked on a journey to become a competitive athlete. In fact, she once ran nine one-hundred-mile races as a tribute to her father, among her other marathon and race achievements.

In 2015, Claire released another book titled ‘Leverage: The Science of Turning Setbacks into Springboards,’ further exploring the mechanisms of transforming setbacks into opportunities for growth. Claire’s dedication to education extends beyond her books, as she writes numerous educational courses for Zur Institute and the International Sports Science Association, maintaining her role as a course author at Professional Development Resources. As a therapist, Claire has shifted her focus to specialize in body image issues and addiction recovery.

According to reports, Claire actually serves as the staff psychotherapist at Live In Fitness, the largest residential boot camp in the US. Additionally, she contributes her expertise as a writer on exercise and mood for Trail Runner and Her Sports magazines. Presently residing in Tavares, Florida, Claire, alongside her husband and their dog, remains deeply involved in equestrian pursuits, participating in national championships and earning numerous accolades. She has also reconciled with her mother since the latter’s exoneration. Her remarkable strength and resilience over the years signify her enduring journey, with no intention of slowing down.

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