Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin: Where is the Ex-Sing Sing Convict Now?

Image Credit: Clarence Maclin/Facebook

With Greg Kwedar occupying the director’s chair, ‘Sing Sing’ gives a positive outlook on life in prison through the art of theater as Divine G, a falsely convicted inmate, leads other incarcerated men to perform in a theater program called Rehabilitation Through the Arts. When a wary newcomer named Clarence Maclin enters the Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison, he impresses the rest of the inmates as they try to stage their original production titled ‘Breakin’ The Mummy’s Code.’ Not only does the true story of humanity and metamorphosis touch the viewers, but they are equally fascinated by the intriguing character of Clarence.

While in Prison, Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin Became a Part of the RTA Program

Son of Mrs. Mary, Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin was born in Tennessee but was brought up in the city of Mount Vernon, New York. He graduated from Mt. Vernon High School in 1985. However, growing up, he was heavily influenced by hip-hop but “was drawn to the negative parts of a beautiful culture.” So, in the mid-1990s, he got involved in some crime for which he was sent to Sing Sing Correctional Facility, where he served his term. After spending six long years behind bars, his destiny changed when he was given the opportunity to take part in the Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA) program at Sing Sing. Clarence Maclin gave off a typical inmate vibe: tough, hard, and muscle-bound.

When the yard was closed, he used to sell drugs as a backup plan. However, he had a hidden knack for acting, and given his interest in William Shakespeare’s work, he became an integral part of the RTA. Starting from the bottom, he made his debut featuring as Juror #5 in the play titled ‘Twelve Angry Men’ by Reginald Rose. After impressive performances on the stage, he managed to bag several leading roles in numerous future plays. From January 2007 to June 2012, Clarence studied at Mercy College to earn an Associate’s degree in Behavioral Psychology. As per reports, he spent about 15 years of his life inside the walls of the Sing Sing prison before getting a chance to taste freedom again.

Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin Works as a Supervisor at Lincoln Hall Boys Haven Today

After getting out, Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin became a Youth Counselor at Lincoln Hall Boys Haven in Somers, New York, where he specializes in at-risk teenagers. He is currently a Supervisor/Creative Arts Specialist there. Ever since 2012, he has been the Alumni Relations Coordinator at Rehabilitation Through The Arts program. Moreover, not only does he serve as a representative for Goldcrest Films and Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, but he is also associated with other community-based organizations, including 914United and Successful Steps. He received recognition and appreciation for his hard work at the RTA in 2017 in the form of a letter.

Trying to prevent the youth from making the mistakes that he made in his youth, he also works towards aiding in the rehabilitation of youth associated with gangs by imparting knowledge from his own experiences and letting them know the consequences and dangers of leading a gangster lifestyle. Recently, he got a big break in Hollywood as he took the opportunity to star as the co-lead in the feature film titled ‘Sing Sing,’ which was partly inspired by and based on his life story and others in the namesake correctional facility.

As he portrays himself, his debut onscreen performance was on the receiving end of a lot of love and surprise. Robert Daniels of Roger Ebert said, “…Maclin is everything you want an actor to be: deeply felt, magnetic, emotionally and physically attuned. His star-making performance brandishes a soft touch for deep impact.” Apart from being a part of the principal cast of ‘Sing Sing,’ he was also one of the Executive Producers. Talking about the film himself, Clarence told the Hollywood Reporter, “There are a lot of good people in prison who made poor choices or bad mistakes. I know what I know, and I’ve seen what I’ve seen. And I know good people when I see them. (‘Sing Sing’) gives a different image of what a prisoner is.”

Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin is in a Healthy Relationship

Since March 2020, Clarence “Divine Eye” Maclin has been in a loving relationship with Tawana Oates from Mount Vernon, New York. He brought home a furry little friend for himself and named him Bando, who has since grown into an adorable dog. He was a proud father of his only son, but it seems that he lost his only son, with whom he used to spend a lot of time. On social media, he can be seen posting various motivational and positive quotes and images. He also had a daughter named Shicky Kearse, who recently went to Junior Prom in May 2024. Apart from being a father, he is also a grandfather.

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