Classroom for Heroes Episode 8 Recap: Less Than Human

In Eiyuu Kyoushitsu’ or ‘Classroom for Heroes’ episode 8 titled ‘Less Than Human,’ a robot looks for Blade at the academy while he is busily practicising in the arena with Cu. When they finally meet, Blade ends up seeing it as a threat and blows it into pieces. This happens two times after which a meeting is held to ensure that he practices restraint from now on.

An Android Looks For Blade

At the academy, the students come across a robot that is looking for Blade. Since it is adorable, they immediately start looking for him so that they can hand it over to him. Meanwhile, Blade is busy training with Cu. When he finally encounters the robot, he gets spooked for some reason and blows it into small pieces. The robot is reconstructed and returns the following day looking like a girl. It claims to have studied the human psyche and plans to use it to impress Blade.

This time the robot has somehow gained the desire to defeat Blade. So, when it tries to attack, Blade again blows it into bits and pieces. The robot rebuilds itself one more time and Claire befriends it by devising strategies to defeat Blade. Later a meeting is held to discuss the present situation and everyone comes to the conclusion that they must separate the robot from the mother computer, making it vulnerable. They hope that this would potentially make Blade more conscious of his actions and it has the desired effect. Later when Blade and Iona have a fight, he practices restraint and even lets her win.

Why Does Iona Ask Blade to Be Her Supervisor? Does Iona Self-Destruct?

During their break, Iona informs others that every Android that does not have a supervisor gets its self-destruct mode activated. They have an 84-hour time-slot to find someone for that role or they must perish. Since Iona has a connection to Blade, she asks him to become her supervisor, which he accepts. After that day, she starts trying her best to keep him happy. She even proudly wears a maid’s dress and serves Blade snacks as often as she can. While Iona is doing everything to please him, this does not sit well with Sophie, who feels jealous.

As the tension between the two increases, they dress up in different customers to impress Blade. They follow him around trying to outdo one another. This leads to a fight in the arena that could have taken a dangerous turn had Blade not intervened. In a strange act to showcase their devotion, the duo sit and wait for Blade to fall asleep. While the tensions have been high until this point, things take an unexpected turn when they finally have an honest conversation. Iona talks about her loneliness and how Blade played a crucial role in helping her deal with it.

Interestingly, the friendly night washes away all the bad energy between them, and the duo ends up becoming close friends. When Blade later asks Iona to show her counter to learn if his becoming her supervisor has saved her from self-detonation, everyone is surprised to learn that the counter has only slowed down, meaning it did not yield the result everyone expected. Accepting the harsh reality, the students decide to hold a party for her and try to make every moment as memorable as they can.

When the day for self-detonation finally arrives, Iona’s friends meet her to say their goodbyes. She goes to one end of the arena to maintain a distance from the other as the counter approaches zero. Even in such a moment, she expresses her gratitude for everything she has received, but Blade for some reason is nowhere to be found. When the counter hits zero, Iona does not self-detonate surprising everyone. Blade finally shows up at the arena and reveals that he has managed to reconnect with Iona after discussing the situation with Mother. This means that she does not have to fear getting self-detonated anymore.

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