Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Sakayanagi Targets Ichinose

In ‘Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e 3rd Season’ or ‘Classroom of the Elite III‘ episode 3 titled ‘We never forget what we endeavor to forget’ Sakayanagi meets Nagumo, the President of the Student Council. She informs him that she is going to attack Ichinose going against his advice of just sticking to bullying. Meanwhile, Hirata is dumped by Karuizawa and the entire class can’t stop talking about this. In the following days, strange rumors about Ichinose start spreading which worries Horikita. In order to do something about it, she invites Kiyotaka and Ichinose to her apartment. But to Horikita’s surprise, the latter is not interested in taking any action as she feels that staying silent is the best way to deal with the situation.

Karuizawa Dumps Hirata While Sakayanagi Plans to Target Ichinose

Sometime after the mixed training exam results are declared, Sakayanagi meets Nagumo. She is interested in discussing a new strategy she plans to implement. Although the President of the Student Council does not want his friends to do anything more than bully, Sakayanagi feels that it is the right time to directly attack Honami Ichinose directly. Sakayanagi even goes as far as claiming that her actions could lead to Ichinose’s expulsion from the school. Nagumo had planned to keep her around for his amusement but after listening to Sakayanagi’s plan, he gives her his permission to go after Honami.

The following day, when Ayanokouji arrives at the class, he notices that students are busy discussing something. It turns out that Karuizawa had dumped Hirata. When he enters the classroom, Yamauchi is first to greet him and tries to enquire about the breakup. However, his friends are quick to pull him back realizing that it would be insensitive to do so. Shortly afterward, Sakayanagi comes to the class and asks if Yamauchi has some free time. The students are quite shocked as they cannot believe what is happening.

Yamauchi introduces himself to her following which she asks him to talk to her privately outside the class. After Sakayanagi leaves, Horikita immediately tells Yamauchi that he is going to fall into a trap if she follows her. But Yamauchi is too confident and does not listen to her. He feels that Sakayanagi is probably interested in him. The students later discuss if Sakayanagi and Yamauchi could really end up a couple. Later that day, Ayanokouji is approached by Mi-chan, who enquires him about Hirata’s current relationship status. She appears interested in him but Kiyotaka advises against approaching him at the moment since he just came out of a relationship.

Ayanokouji has a meeting with Horikita after that. When they meet the latter informs the former that someone is spreading rumors about Ichinose. As of now, it appears that the student behind all this is from class A, which means that the culprit is most likely Sakayanagi or Katsuragi. While Horikita feels that the situation is dangerous, Ayanokouji advises against taking action for the time being as he feels that it would unnecessarily escalate the situation.

Ichinose Acts Suspciously While Kamuro Meets Ayanokouji

Interestingly, Horikita refuses to give up so easily and invites Ayanokouji and Ichinose to her apartment. Although the rumors are horrible, Ichinose appears quite calm and composed. She also feels that the best way to deal with the situation is to remain silent and not do anything. Ayanokouji reiterates his point and leaves as well. Ichinose then talks privately to Ayanokouji and thanks him for his support. She then asks him too to not do anything for now as it appears to be the best strategy for now. The next day, every student in the school finds a mail that says Ichinose is a criminal.

Everyone is outraged but Ichinose continues to show incredible composure and refuses to get affected by the rumors. That day, Kamuro from class A meets Ayanokouji. She tells him how Sakayanagi has been using her from day one of the school after she finds out that she is a habitual shoplifter. She claims that Sakayanagi is also trying to blackmail Ichinose in a similar fashion as she knows one of her secrets. Ayanokouji refuses to trust Kamuro’s story of shoplifting. In order to prove herself, Kamuro shoplifts and gets alcohol from a nearby store which should have been impossible considering that she is just a student. Ayanokouji relents that he now thinks that her story may have some truth to it.

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