Clint and Savannah: Is The Love Island Australia Pair Still Together?

In season 5 of Nine Network’s ‘Love Island Australia,’ where hearts flutter like butterflies and connections spark, Clint Posselt and Savannah Badger emerged as the couple that not only turned heads but captured the collective imagination of ‘Love Island’ fans in 2023. Their journey was marked by twists, turns, and undeniable chemistry, unfolding against the backdrop of a Villa and making them the show’s standout pair. As fans held their collective breath, awaiting updates and declarations, Savannah and Clint embarked on the next chapter of their love story. Whether their connection endured the challenges of the real world, one thing remained certain – the love story of Savannah and Clint has etched its place in the history of the show.

Clint and Savannah’s Connection Stood Out on The Show

Savannah Badger, a law graduate armed with intelligence and charm, entered the Villa in search of a connection that would withstand the challenges of ‘Love Island.’ Her journey, however, was a rollercoaster of emotions as she navigated through contestants Trent, Seb, and Zac before finally finding her love anchor in Clint Posselt. On the other side of this love equation, Clint wasn’t a stranger to the realm of reality TV, having previously showcased his talents on ‘The Voice’ in 2018.

As fate would have it, their paths converged within the walls of the ‘Love Island’ Villa. The duo’s connection, akin to a flame flickering in the wind, stood out amidst the romantic entanglements of the show. Despite having known each other for just one week, Savannah and Clint’s bond was robust enough to carry them to the Grand Finale. Savannah, with her intellect and poise, found solace in Clint’s company, creating a connection that resonated with viewers and fellow Islanders alike. As the curtains fell on the season, they found themselves in the coveted position of runners-up, with the title of winners ultimately bestowed upon Kale and Tyra.

Clint Posselt and Savannah Badger Have Now Separated

In the love arena of season 5, Savannah Badger and Clint Posselt were once the couple that captured hearts and sparked conversations. As runners-up of the series, their journey within the Villa painted a picture of budding romance, but the post-show reality turned out to be a chapter of separate paths. The revelation came like a gust of wind, shaking the foundations of the love story that had enthralled fans during the show. Right after the grand finale was aired, Savannah and Clint announced that they had decided to part ways.

Speaking to 9Entertainment, Savannah confirmed the news with a candid acknowledgment that their connection had fizzled out after facing the realities of life and responsibilities. “We only knew each other for a week,” she added, highlighting the ephemeral nature of connections forged within the ‘Love Island’ bubble. Clint echoed a similar sentiment, acknowledging the challenges of transitioning from the cocooned environment of the Villa to the real world. “The minute you step out of that bubble, you sort of realize this connection probably isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of the outside world,” he reflected.

Despite the end of their romantic journey, both Savannah and Clint emphasized that there was no lingering animosity between them, parting ways amicably. However, the story didn’t end with the closure of one chapter. In the after-the-show love escapades, Savannah allegedly rekindled the flame of romance, albeit with a different co-star from the show. Admitting to 9Entertainment that she had ventured back into the dating scene, Savannah revealed that she and co-star Aidan Knox were “seeing each other.”

While describing the status as early days, Savannah confessed, “It’s very early days, but every time I’m in Sydney, I stay with Aidan.” The revelation offered a glimpse into a new chapter for Savannah, one marked by fresh connections and the possibility of a blossoming romance. Comments exchanged between Savannah and Aidan under their social media posts hint at a burgeoning chemistry, capturing the attention and curiosity of fans invested in their journeys. Meanwhile, Clint has now found solace in his professional endeavors, charting a path beyond the realm of reality TV romance.

A Senior Environmental Officer at Sunshine Coast Council since August 2023, Clint has displayed a commitment to his career in environmental matters. His journey also took a creative turn, with the release of his first song titled “Against Her,” signaling a foray into the world of music. However, in a turn of events after the show, So Dramatic reported that Clint allegedly had a girlfriend, Harriet Butcher, outside the show. In response to these speculations, Clint addressed the claims in a statement, denying any secret girlfriend or a contrived showmance. “I did not have a secret girlfriend on the outside,” he affirmed, dispelling the reports and asserting the authenticity of his intentions on the show.

Both Savannah and Clint, in their statements, expressed mutual respect and an absence of hard feelings toward each other. Savannah, acknowledging the difficulty of sustaining their connection amid the realities of the real world, emphasized that their relationship was never for show. “I do believe there was something special there,” she stated, highlighting the genuineness of their connection. As the Love Island Australia universe expands beyond the Villa walls, fans of the show continue to follow the diverse paths of Savannah and Clint.

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