Clintuan Docher: The Wrongly Accused is a Father of Three Today

In May 2020, Clintuan Docher was driving with his child and girlfriend, Dyana Weston, when an old acquaintance confronted him at a drive-through, threatening his life. In a state of panic, Docher, armed with a gun, fired two warning shots before hastily driving away. Two weeks later, he was arrested for aggravated assault after a third party claimed injury during the incident. A&E’s ‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent?’ episode titled ‘Drive-thru Shooter or Defensive Dad?’ delves into the subsequent legal proceedings and the efforts of Docher’s defense team to dismiss the charges against him.

Clintuan Docher Claimed He Fired the Gun in Self-Defense

At 21 years old, Clintuan Docher of Columbus, Mississippi, was known for his responsible nature, committed relationship, and devoted care for his child. On the evening of May 15, 2020, noticing his child growing restless, he took his child and girlfriend for a drive. Around 11 pm, they stopped at a drive-through to grab milkshakes. However, their evening suddenly turned when Docher spotted an old acquaintance hurrying behind them.

Docher and his friend shared a history dating back to their high school days, where they were once close. However, their relationship soured as his friend veered down a path Docher disapproved of. Confrontations became frequent, with verbal abuse escalating to physical aggression. Docher recounted an incident where his friend, once stopping him in the middle of the road after work, fired a gun at his car. Concerned for his safety and his family, Docher opted to carry a licensed firearm for protection.

As Docher’s old friend approached the car, tension mounted that evening. The friend began pounding on the door, threatening Docher’s life with menacing words. Feeling cornered, Docher drew his gun and fired a warning shot toward his friend’s feet to deter him. However, his friend persisted, moving to the other side of the vehicle. Docher fired another shot into the air, dispersing the crowd, before hastily driving away. A drive-through worker alerted the police, but upon their arrival, the friend denied knowing the shooter. Another bystander reported a grazing bullet wound to his leg but refused medical aid, providing only a photo of the injury to the police.

Two weeks following the incident, police arrived at Docher’s home and arrested him on charges of aggravated assault, a charge carrying a potential 20-year prison sentence. It was during his interrogation at the police station that Docher learned of a third person injured by his shots. Police informed him that shell casings and a bullet matching his gun were recovered from the scene, linking him to the incident.

Despite posting a $50,000 bond, Docher lived with the looming trial for three years. During this period, he pursued higher education, completed a college course, and secured employment as a car mechanic at a reputable car manufacturing company. Despite these achievements, the shadow of potential imprisonment cast a pall over his life, preventing him from moving forward, especially as he welcomed two more children with Dayna.

Docher sought legal counsel, and together, they meticulously analyzed the case’s evidence. They obtained CCTV footage of the incident, which revealed that the car allegedly struck by a bullet had driven off after the first shot. However, upon closer examination, the side of the vehicle that could have been hit showed no signs of damage. To establish Docher’s actions as self-defense, the defense team delved into records, aiming to demonstrate a history of threatening and abusive behavior by the alleged aggressor.

While police records yielded no evidence, a report filed by Docher’s parents shortly after the incident revealed suspicious activity involving a car matching the description of the alleged victim’s vehicle. The report detailed multiple instances of the car circling their home, with Docher’s friend, the alleged aggressor, and another individual inside. Further investigation uncovered a cache of evidence files that had remained unopened, including shell casings too large to match Docher’s gun and a conspicuous absence of photographic evidence depicting a bullet hole in the car.

Examination of the wound photograph revealed extensive bruising around the injury, indicating it was likely several days old and not consistent with a recent bullet wound. Complicating matters further, both the alleged aggressor and victim had ceased cooperation with the police and had not been in contact since the incident, adding ambiguity to the case.

Where is Clintuan Docher Now?

In early 2023, the prosecution proposed a plea deal to Clintuan Docher, suggesting he plead guilty to aggravated assault, resulting in 5 years in prison and five years on probation. His defense team rejected the offer, presenting compelling evidence they had uncovered for a case review. Despite their insistence on proceeding to trial, the prosecution postponed the trial date twice. Eventually, they submitted a nolle prosequi motion, indicating their decision not to pursue further legal action against Docher.

The motion was presented to a circuit judge, where the prosecution acknowledged two key factors. Firstly, they recognized that Docher had fired the shots in self-defense, and secondly, the alleged victim’s lack of cooperation hindered their case. Upon granting the motion, the judge dismissed all charges against Docher, allowing him to reunite with his family without legal repercussions. Now residing in Columbus, Mississippi, Docher is grateful to have overcome this challenging chapter and cherishes his time with his three kids, partner and parents.

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