Cody Massengill and Jed Elshant: Where Are the Feuding Neighbors Now?

When bachelor truck driver Jed Elshant newly moved to a neighborhood right outside the city of Knoxville, Tennessee, nobody knew that he would be at the center of a couple of feuds — with Cody and Amanda Massengil and with Charlie and Robin Hill. Despite the use of cameras during arguments, the lens of truth still seemed to be blurry. The details of the years-long feuds are profiled in the episode titled ‘Hillbilly Holler’ of Investigation Discovery’s ‘Fear Thy Neighbor.’ Even though the episode features exclusive interviews with the actual neighbors, viewers find it difficult to pick a side, leaving them with several unanswered questions about their current whereabouts.

Cody Massengill and Jed Elshant Fought Over Property Line

Born to Lisa Phipps in Corryton, Tennessee, Cody Massengill grew up in a supposedly loving household with his mother, stepfather Scott Brooks, and sister, Jamie. He graduated from Gibbs High School before moving to Knoxville, Tennessee. There, he began working for Hardcoat Technologies as a Machine Operator in May 2018. Cody Massengil and his small family, including his wife and nephew-turned-adopted son, lived a rather peaceful life on Ridgeview Road just outside Knoxville, Tennessee. However, when a truck driver named Jed Elshant moved to the area from Rhode Island, little did Cody know that they would not get along well. What ignited the entire feud between Cody Massengil and Jed Elshant was the conflict of property lines, which differed in both residents’ books.

According to the episode, Cody lived with his wife, Amanda Massengil, who worked in retail, and his adopted son, Kadence. The show depicted instances where Jed talked down to Kadence and bothered him every now and then. Reports also suggested that he had caused trouble with other neighbors for a couple of years, including Charlie and Robin Hill. Naturally, Cody was infuriated by Jed’s conduct with his adopted son, making matters bitterer between the two neighbors with each passing day. One day, the factory worker lost his cool and threatened to kill Jed right outside his house with a baseball bat.

Police Got Involved in the Neighborly Feud Between Cody Massengill and Jed Elshant

The truck driver then informed the police about the incident and got him arrested for aggravated assault. Meanwhile, Jed was charged with criminal trespassing. Awaiting for trial, Cody was busy building a chicken coop with Kadence on May 18, 2021. Earlier, he had put up a giant board right outside his property that said “Hillbilly Holler” as a response to Jed calling him a hillbilly during a previous argument. When he noticed the sign, Jed allegedly became furious and went right up to Cody and pushed him down.

As per Cody’s claims, Jed took the mattock from his hand and hit him while he was down, leaving a hole in the side of his face. While admitted to the Tennova North Medical Center for the treatment of the severe injury, he reported the incident to the police. The next day, the authorities barged into his workplace, arrested him in front of everyone, and charged him with attempted first-degree murder. However, much to the disappointment of the Massengils, Jed’s charges did not stick, and he never went to trial for his alleged crime.

While Cody Still Has Trauma From His Scar, Jed Runs a Toy Store in Knoxville

Cody was left scarred for life after the scuffle with Jed Elshant. Talking about his injuries to Wate, Cody said, “My ear, my head, my face, my teeth, it all hurts. I can’t even eat still. I can’t even drink because it hurts so bad.” After the incident, Cody Massengill continues to live in Knoxville, Tennessee. He stays in touch with his family, especially his sister. Neither forgetting nor forgiving the drama and trauma caused by Jed, Cody and his family refuse to give or accept any apology from him.

As for Jed Elshant, he was offered a deal to sell the Ridgeview Road property, move out of the area, and lead a life of freedom. He took the offer and moved someplace else, to the city of Knoxville, Tennessee. Ever since the episode aired, he has been on the receiving end of a lot of hate on social media. Meanwhile, he blames the show for portraying him in a negative light and claims that several portions of the episode were misleading. He continues to defend himself against all the hate comments and maintains his innocence.

For instance, the part where Jed pulls up his truck in front of Kadence in the episode was someone else, according to him. Unlike a juvenile like Kadence, Jed alleges that the actual person in the video was a grown-up who was a relative of another neighbor named Charlie. Since November 2020, Jed has owned a business called The Fidget Toy Box, a One-Stop toy store based in Knoxville, Tennessee. When he is not handling business, he keeps busy by playing guitar and recording himself.

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