Where is Colette Bousson Now? 

ABC’s ’20/20′ looks at the decade-old murder cases of Christina Karlsen and Levi Karlsen. The unfortunate truth is that no one knew they were killed at the time of their death—at least in the general public.  Those who were close to them, like Levi’s siblings, or Christina’s sister Colette Bousson, were already pretty suspicious of Karl Karlsen and his walking trail of accidents due to bad luck in the family. 

Who is Colette Bousson?

Colette Bousson is Christina Karlsen’s sister. The two were very close to each other and even wanted their children to grow up together. But what Bousson could not for-see was the tragic death of her sister in a house fire that was earlier dismissed as an accident. But even then, she was aware that it just could not be. Based on her interview on ’20/20,’ she did not see how her sister could not be rescued from the fire. She even confronted Karl about the same, to which she got an answer that is still etched in her brain. She said, “I told [Karl] that I wanted to see my sister … and he said, you can’t, she’s a crispy critter.” She later claimed that the law enforcement erred in not seeing the obvious inconsistencies in the facts of her sister’s death. 

After Karlsen was convicted for Levi’s murder, Bousson said, “I feel that justice was served today for my nephew, but my nephew would not be dead if Calaveras County had done its job.” At the time, she was referring to her sister’s death. Hence, she was a major part in driving the urgency of reopening the case of her sister’s death as well. In ’20/20,’ Christina Karlsen’s daughter, Erin DeRoche, said, “My aunt [Colette]. God love her. My aunt was on [investigators] like white on rice to make sure that this happened. She … and my grandmother, they were always there and in their ear. They made it known the family … needed this handled.”

Bousson set up a Facebook page titled “Justice for Christina Alexander-Karlsen and Levi Karlsen,” where she posted case updates. One of the posts, from 6 February 2020, read, “On 3 February 2020, our 29-year fight for justice for Christina Alexander Karlsen finally came to an end…” This was when Karl Karlsen was found guilty of the first-degree murder of Christina Karlsen. 

Where is Colette Bousson Now? 

Colette Bousson lives in North Las Vegas in Nevada, based on her Facebook profile. And based on her LinkedIn profile, she currently works as a Regional Labor Relations Officer. She has also worked in the United States Air Force. She also seems to be a dog lover based on her photos on Facebook. In any case, this year proved to be really monumental for both Colette and her family as they were ultimately met with justice for the death of Christina Karlsen.

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