Colin Strickland: Anna Moriah’s Ex-Boyfriend Is Now Trying to Move Forward

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‘20/20: Three Shot in the Dark’ details the murder of Anna Moriah Wilson and the subsequent arrest of Kaitlin Armstrong as the perpetrator. One key person who stands at the center of the entire story is Colin Strickland because it was Kaitlin’s possessiveness and jealousy of Colin and her suspicion that Colin and Anna were having an affair that led her to commit the crime. Colin’s story has largely remained untold and it will be interesting to see what part he played in the unfolding events.

Colin Strickland was Dating Kaitlin Armstrong

Colin, born in 1986 in Johnson City, Texas, spent much of his early life on a farm, fostering a passion for cycling from a young age, and utilizing it as a means of travel. At around 24 years old, he achieved victory in an Alleycat at the 2010 North American Handmade Bike Show. Evolving into a gravel racer, Colin garnered notable achievements, including winning the Texas Cup Overall Road/Criterium Championship and the season finale of the Red Hook Criterium in Milan, Italy, both in 2014. His prowess continued with four consecutive victories in Gravel Worlds from 2017 to 2019, solidifying his status as a prominent gravel racer.

Kaitlin Armstrong

In 2019, Colin entered into a relationship with Kaitlin Armstrong, a licensed real estate professional who also taught yoga. Their relationship became serious, and they eventually moved in together. However, the stability of their relationship wavered, leading to a breakup sometime in 2021. Subsequently, Colin started dating Anna Wilson. When Kaitlin and Colin reconciled, Colin asserted that his relationship with Anna was strictly platonic and professional during the period they were apart.

Despite Colin and Anna’s continued communication, Colin took precautions by saving Anna’s number under a different name to conceal their interactions from Kaitlin. On May 11, 2022, during Anna’s visit to Austin for a cycling tournament, Colin picked her up from her friend’s house around 4:45 p.m. They spent time swimming, had lunch, and shared drinks. A few hours after Colin dropped Anna back, Kaitlin was observed driving around Anna’s residence in her jeep. Kaitlin later entered the house and shot Anna while she was in the bathroom. Following the crime, Kaitlin fled the state and was eventually apprehended after approximately 43 days in Costa Rica, where she had been living under an alias.

Colin Strickland Has Moved Out of Texas Now

Image Credit: Colin Strickland/Instagram

Throughout Kaitlin’s trial, prosecutors argued that her actions were fueled by jealousy, alleging that she believed Colin was being unfaithful, ultimately leading her to kill Anna. Kaitlin was ultimately convicted of the crime and received a sentence of 90 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after 30 years. Colin played a crucial role as a key witness during the trial, undergoing questioning for several days. Reports indicate that he appeared angry and aggressive when arriving for his testimony, even pushing camera crews out of his way during the court lunch break.

During the trial, Colin was questioned about his relationship with Anna, maintaining that it was strictly platonic. Regarding Kaitlin, he expressed love for her and believed the feeling was mutual. Colin provided an account of driving Anna around for three hours on the day of the murder, claiming he did not know of any plans Kaitlin may have had. As of May 2022, Colin left Texas, and there have been limited updates about him since. However, we do know he gave his full cooperation during the trial and felt that Kaitlin’s family needed justice for closure. He has maintained a low profile since that time, apparently in an effort to move on from the past for good.

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