College Hill Season 3: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

After the successful run of seasons 1 and 2, ‘College Hill’ season 3 released to eager audiences on March 2, 2006, elevating the reality drama to new heights. A fresh ensemble of students entered the scene, bringing their own set of aspirations and challenges to the communal living experiment. From ambitious goals to unexpected alliances, viewers were treated to a symphony of emotions that kept them invested in the unfolding journey. Now, let’s fast forward to the present day. Where are the participants of the show now? Their journeys have undoubtedly taken diverse paths since the cameras stopped rolling, and the impact of their time on the show continues to shape their lives.

Audrina Clyde Has Her Own Salon Now

Audrina Clyde emerged as a standout on ‘College Hill,’ showcasing her passion for acting and dreams of becoming a model. Post-show, her life took an unexpected turn as she became the founder of Ladi Jai Luxury, a hair and beauty salon suite, in May 2023. This marked Audrina’s foray into entrepreneurship, a testament to her evolving ambitions. Now, with a family and children, she’s seamlessly blended her roles as a successful business owner and a devoted parent. Audrina’s journey illustrates the transformative power of seizing opportunities beyond the scripted realms of reality TV, emphasizing personal growth, and professional success.

Ray Cunningham Now Has an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism

Ray Cunningham, affectionately known as Misster Ray, was a groundbreaking figure as the first-ever gay on-air talent on the show. His endeavors have seen him achieve remarkable success, not only as an award-winning host but also as the best-selling author of the memoir, Mess with a Message. His journey includes notable contributions to TV series, hosting gigs, and participation in reality shows like ‘Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.’

Academic achievements, including an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanitarianism and The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, further showcase Misster Ray’s diverse and impactful post-show trajectory. As a family man, he continues to balance his professional achievements with the joys of parenthood.

William Taylor Grishaw Became a Father Again This Year

William Taylor Grishaw brought a unique perspective to the show as the first white cast member, initially balancing collegiate football with rap aspirations. Since his time on the show, he chose a quieter life, finding fulfillment in his family. A recent development in 2023 revealed that Will became a father for the fourth time, marking a significant chapter in his journey. His story highlights the shift from aspiring rapper to devoted family man, showcasing the depth of personal growth beyond the show’s experience.

Rodney Henry Has Embraced a Role as a Family Man

Rodney Henry, now the owner and operator at FWL & Sons Inc., has embraced a role as a family man with evident love for his two sons, as showcased on his Facebook profile. His journey is marked by entrepreneurship, balancing the responsibilities of running his own business with the joys of fatherhood. The images of his sons paint a picture of familial warmth, demonstrating that Rodney’s heart lies not only in his professional endeavors but also in the love he shares with his children.

Anya Holland is a TikTok Sensation Today

Anya Holland, having ventured into acting with the TV series ‘Rogue,’ found a new avenue of expression as a TikTok sensation. Amassing over 1.2 million views on her videos, Anya transitioned into the role of an influencer, demonstrating the adaptability that after-the-show life brought her. Balancing her newfound digital influence with the joys of motherhood, she exemplifies a seamless integration of personal passions and professional evolution.

Bianca Olivo is Now a Bestselling Author

Bianca Olivo completed her MBA from Louisiana State University in 2023 and also accepted baptism, which showcases a blend of academic, spiritual, and personal growth in her life. Attending flight school to become a pilot adds another layer to Bianca’s multifaceted life. Interestingly, she is the best-selling author of ‘The HBCU Experience: America’s First Black Reality TV Series Edition.’ Her journey unfolds as a journey of continual learning, spiritual exploration, and embracing diverse aspirations.

Deirdra Tyrone-Davis’ Life is Shrouded in Mystery

Image Credit: Deidra Davis/Facebook

Deirdra Tyrone-Davis made a subtle transition into the behind-the-scenes world of television production, securing a job as a production assistant in New York City just after the show. While specific details about her journey remain limited, her choice to work in the dynamic field of production suggests a continued engagement with the entertainment industry. Beyond her professional pursuits, Deirdra has carved a niche in the world of online commerce.

From what we can tell, Deirdra seems to have a side hustle as she engages in selling clothes online, showcasing a flair for fashion and entrepreneurship. This additional layer to Deirdra’s post-show endeavors highlights a multifaceted approach to both her career and personal interests, weaving together the worlds of television production and e-commerce.

Arlando Whitaker is an Actor and Casting Director Today

Arlando Whitaker, recognized for his roles in films like ‘Famous’ and ‘Jewslim,’ has expanded his influence beyond acting to casting directing. His love for travel, coupled with the joy of a beautiful family, illustrates a harmonious balance between professional pursuits and personal fulfillment. Arlando’s life showcases not only his continued passion for the arts but also his commitment to family values. In navigating the complexities of the entertainment industry and family life, Arlando stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity and love.

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