Where is Mark Twitchell ‘Dexter Killer’ Now?

‘Crime Junkie’ is a true-crime podcast, and their latest episode is the exploration of one of the most sensational cases in recent times. Serial killers have always fascinated us, and films, television shows have taken advantage of this. However, the latest installment of ‘Crime Junkie’ shows how a popular show about a serial killer inspired a person to try and be a copycat. Yes, we are talking about Mark Twitchell, who attempted to emulate Dexter Morgan, from ‘Dexter.’

For those unaware, the series is about a serial killer who hunts other serial killers in Miami while working as a blood splatter analyst. Dexter’s uniqueness stems from his forensically foolproof crime scenes. The kill rooms are designed not to leave any evidence, while he disposes of his victims’ dismembered bodies without a trace. Twitchell tried the same with John Brian “Johnny” Altinger.

Although he did get away with the murder, Altinger’s friends were surprised when he didn’t show up to work and resigned via mail. They urged cops to look into the story of Altinger’s apparent vacation in Costa Rica. The police questioned Twitchell, and when his story didn’t hold up, they arrested him on October 31, 2008. Subsequently, they retrieved a deleted document called ‘SKConfessions’ (serial killer confessions), which helped them capture him. Twitchell was convicted in April 2011.

Now, you might be wondering where the ‘Dexter Killer’ is today. We have got you covered with the latest updates and news.

Where is Mark Twitchell Now?


Twitchell was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 25 years, after being convicted of first-degree murder. Initially, there was a plan to charge him with the attempted murder of Gilles Tetreault at the same time. Twitchell had lured the man in the same way, but he’d escaped with his life. However, it was deemed that the two cases had to be tried separately, and since he’d secured the maximum sentencing for the first-degree murder, the attempt to murder charges were dropped.

The earliest Twitchell will be eligible for parole is in 2036. Meanwhile, he’s at Saskatchewan Penitentiary near Prince Albert. However, Twitchell has not been idle in prison. In 2013, it was reported that Twitchell had acquired a flat-screen television, and cable package, while in the maximum-security prison. He got back to watching all the episodes of ‘Dexter’ he missed due to his incarceration and then started watching reruns. Steve Lillebuen, the author of “The Devil’s Cinema: The Untold Story Behind Mark Twitchell’s Kill Room,” spoke to The Edmonton Sun, saying, “He’s still got this interest in watching fantasy, despite the reality of him serving a life sentence in prison.”

The next update on Twitchell came in 2017 when CBC reported that he was using a dating site for inmates. He wrote on the Canadian Inmate Connect, “I’m looking for an interesting, intelligent, open-minded, delightfully imperfect woman to relate to and share amusing observations with … as well as potentially a long weekend every few months if it gets there naturally.”

Apart from having caught up on his favorite serial killer show, and embarked on the quest to find companionship, Twitchell is also trying to restart his career as a filmmaker. For those unaware, Twitchell is a film and television show buff and an amateur filmmaker. Most notably, he has a fan film prequel titled ‘Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion,’ which includes a cameo by Jeremy Bulloch, who plays Boba Fett in the original franchise.

He is determined to retrieve the footage to complete the film once he’s out of prison. Twitchell said, “Way too many amazing people gave so much of themselves to make that film magic. I will see it completed if it is literally the last thing I do.” However, during his trial, it became evident that he’d fashioned his murder after his short film’ House of Cards.’ In light of the revelation, the police are unwilling to turn over any footage to Twitchell. Either way, the ‘Dexter Killer’ is not even eligible for parole anytime soon, so his demands are a worry for another day.

It appears that Twitchell is busy restructuring his life in prison, and one can only hope that he leaves his murderous impulses behind once he gets out. [Cover Picture Courtesy: St. Albert’s Gazette, Handout photo provided by Edmonton Police Department] 

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