Fallout: What Happens to CX404? Does the Dog Die?


Prime Video’s ‘Fallout’ creates an expansive post-nuclear war world where we follow several characters, all of them trying to find their loved ones or trying to find out who they are and where they belong in this strange world. The show profits from well-written characters who are not black-and-white when it comes to their intentions and actions. Each one of them brings something new to the table, and while some may be loved and others hated by the viewers, there is one character who is unanimously loved: CX404. The danger to his life is felt more prominently than any other character in the show and makes one curious about his journey throughout the season. Does our beloved character survive? SPOILERS AHEAD

CX404 Has a Better Fate Than His Owner

Played by Belgian Malinois Lana5, CX404 aka Four aka Dogmeat, the dog in ‘Fallout’ has a very trying journey through the American wasteland, much like every other person on the show, and Four also feels the brunt of it. He was the runt of the litter who couldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for Zildig’s kindness. He gave the dog the love and care that made Four extremely protective of his human, so much so that he was ready to kill for Zildig and die for him.

It is when Zildig is found out by one of his colleagues that trouble begins for him. When Four feels that his human is threatened, he attacks the colleague and kills him, turning Zildig into a wanted man. However, the scientist had already planned to run away, and he eventually did so with his dog by his side. Later in their journey, when they are confronted by the Ghoul, who is one of the many bounty hunters wanting to cash in the prize by turning in Zildig to the highest bidder, Four stands the ground and tries to save his master.

While Four is strong enough to fight and kill anyone, the Ghoul is a completely different animal. Four never stood a chance against him, but he fought bravely, so much so that the Ghoul had to stab him to save his skin. Luckily, the wound wasn’t deep, and the Ghoul healed Four using a stimpak, mainly because Zildig had run away, and the Ghoul thought that his dog was the only one who could find him. The tactical advantage that Four provided to the Ghoul ensured his survival. But with Zildig gone, would Four really be able to survive the world he is trapped in?

While the Ghoul may have stabbed him in their fight, it turns out that he has a soft spot for dogs. In a different life, when the Ghoul was a human named Cooper, he had a dog whom he loved very much. The turn of the circumstances took everything away from Cooper, including his wife, his daughter, as well as his dog. Over 200 years, Cooper survives, sometimes barely hanging on by a thread, especially as his turning into the Ghoul means he is walking a fine line that will dissolve if he doesn’t get his vials on time. While the other ghouls lose their sanity and are killed, the Ghoul survives against all odds.

This survival also means that the Ghoul remembers his life as Cooper and his love for the dog he used to have translates to his feelings for Four, whom he names Dogmeat. With Zildig gone, Four, too, needs a new master, and after a lot of back and forth, he eventually settles on the Ghoul, who might act like he doesn’t need Four but clearly has grown fond of him. While the wasteland is a dangerous place to be in and doesn’t guarantee anyone’s survival, Four is lucky enough to have survived by the end of Season 1, especially after going through a few events where he could easily have died.

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