Cynthia Garcia Murder: Where Are Michael Kramer, Kevin Augustiniak and Paul Eischeid Now?

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The life of a single mother named Cynthia Garcia came to a halt when she got invited to an exclusive party at the Hells Angels clubhouse. Upon entering the secret yet dangerous world with a sacred code that is religiously followed by the bikers, she was killed to uphold the code. The episode titled ‘Highway to Hell’ of ‘Deadly Devotion’ provides us with a detailed account of the horrific case, along with the investigation that followed. It also includes interviews with the victims’ loved ones, law enforcement officials, and other individuals related to the case.

How Did Cynthia Garcia Die?

Cynthia Yvonne “Cindy” Garcia was born on September 13, 1957, and allegedly led an impoverished life, growing up with her parents. Described as a kind and gentle woman by her acquaintances, Cynthia got married in her teens, and by the time she was in her 20s, she was a divorced and single mother. Between that time, she gave birth to six children, the oldest being Bianca and the youngest, Angelina. Her children only had good things to say about her as Angelina told Sher and Marsden that she was funny and loveable while Olivia said that Cynthia taught them to be honest and lead a good and happy life. According to her, Cynthia only wanted the best for them.

However, Cynthia became a victim of alcoholism, which became a primary reason for her downfall. One of her relatives claimed that the 44-year-old single mother relied on alcohol to have fun. Just a few days before Halloween, on October 25, 2001, Cynthia got under the influence of alcohol, after which she got into an argument with a group of people. Soon, she was subjected to a punch in the face, followed by more than 30 stabbings all across her body, including in her chest. The perpetrators even tried to behead her but when they failed, they dumped her body into a shallow grave.

On October 31, 2001, Cynthia’s body was discovered inside a shallow grave by the roadside and the authorities wasted no time in arriving at the crime scene. Upon securing the area, they searched for some evidence and found tire marks, shoe prints, and some cigarette butts. After that, the investigators interrogated the loved ones of the victim and nearby residents to narrow down their search for the perpetrator responsible for the gruesome murder.

Who Killed Cynthia Garcia?

When the investigation showed no signs of progress, an unlikely testimony from Michael Kramer changed the course of the case. He claimed that he witnessed the killing of Cynthia Garcia with his own eyes, and he couldn’t keep it a secret as his conscience got the better of him. Helping out the authorities, Kramer managed to record incriminating pieces of conversations with the two culprits, in mid-March 2002. But it was soon discovered that Kramer himself had been involved in the stabbing of the victim, which he confessed in February 2003.

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On October 25, 2001, three members of Hells Angels — Michael Kramer, Kevin Augustiniak, And Paul Eischeid — were drinking in their clubhouse and sent Kelby Randolph to search for any women in the area. After a long search, he brought back Cynthia Garcia to the clubhouse. When she started talking ill of the Angels, the trio of friends took offense and Kevin punched her in the face, knocking her out. As per Kramer’s claims, Kevin and Paul proceeded to physically assault her by kicking and punching her continuously.

Then, the three members of the Hells Angels moved Cynthia to the trunk of a car and drove to a secluded location in the desert. Kramer claimed that after dragging her out of the trunk, Paul began stabbing her in the chest and he was joined by Kevin and Kramer himself in the gruesome act. After her death, Kevin wanted to behead her and keep her head as a trophy, according to Kramer. However, due to the knife not being sharp enough, Kevin failed to do so. In late 2003, all three responsible — Kramer, Paul, and Kevin — were arrested for kidnapping, first-degree murder, and racketeering in the case of Cynthia’s murder.

Where Are Michael Kramer, Kevin Augustiniak, And Paul Eischeid Now?

Michael Kramer, the one who confessed and helped the authorities, pleaded guilty to the murder of Cynthia Garcia and received five years of probation, which meant no prison time for him. In October 2011, Kevin Augustiniak also pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for the same, which gave him a 23-year imprisonment sentence in late March 2012. As far as Paul Eischeid is concerned, he was arrested at his house but since he did not have any prior convictions, he was bailed out.

But soon, in late July 2004, Paul reportedly threw a farewell party at his house, only to break his electronic ankle bracelet and flee the nation. After eight long years on the run, he was finally arrested in Buenos Aires on February 5, 2011. After getting extradited to the United States, Paul was sentenced to 19 years in prison for the second-degree murder of Cynthia Garcia. Currently, Paul and Kevin are serving their respective sentences in Red Rock Correctional Center at 1750 East Arica Road in Eloy and Arizona Department of Corrections, Bachman Unit at 25550 AZ-85 in Buckeye.

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