Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 5 Recap: Fire

Image Credit: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ gears the titular rock band for fame as its lead singer-songwriters sit down to collaborate on a song that would become the first in the album that changes their lives. This episode slows down to allow the characters and the audience to process the beginning of a complicated relationship between the lead characters. Daisy and Billy see a different side of each other while collaborating on a song from scratch. The revelation that they are more alike than they thought is a surprise for both of them. It brings them closer and paves the path for the conflict that will eventually result in the band breaking up. Here’s everything that happens in this episode and what it means for the band’s future. SPOILERS AHEAD

Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 5 Recap

Image Credits: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Now that Daisy is officially a part of the band, she joins the Six to record a new song. Billy has already mapped out the entire album and doesn’t want any interference from Daisy. On the other hand, she has a few songs of her own that she’d like on the album. She speaks out against Billy’s behavior, where he doesn’t let anyone else truly collaborate on the songs. The rest of the band members, who have had similar thoughts over the years, take her side.

Before things can heat up, Teddy steps in and tells Daisy and Billy to start from scratch. They break into Teddy’s house and set up to write the song. Meanwhile, the rest of the band finds something else to do. Graham invites his girlfriend, Caroline, to the beach, and Karen joins them. Despite having refused to be with him in the previous episode, Karen discovers that she has feelings for Graham after all.

Daisy Jones and the Six Episode 5 Ending

Being two different kinds of writers, Billy and Daisy try to find common ground for their new song. They make a space for themselves at Teddy’s place and share what they’d written. Daisy comments that all of Billy’s songs are about his wife. She wonders what he is trying to make up for with it, what he did wrong that he is apologizing for through his songs. She also notices that Billy doesn’t drink and figures that it must have something to do with what happened between him and Camila.

Image Credits: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

Billy reads Daisy’s songs and doesn’t like her overt use of metaphors and allegories, especially her use of nature to represent her feelings. If she wants to say something about herself, he believes she should just say it rather than hide behind metaphors. With both of them at odds over what the next song should be about, they decide to explore the riff that Graham had been playing with before. As Billy plays it, Daisy comes up with the melody, and the songwriting process begins.

By the end of the night, the duo comes up with a song, working and reworking the lyrics to make it sound like both of them. Later, when they record the song in the studio, Billy is open to other band members doing their own thing with the song, allowing them space to truly collaborate rather than just doing something he wrote in stone. This is a welcome change of pace, and everyone is glad they found Daisy because things probably wouldn’t have changed so much so quickly if it hadn’t been for her.

Karen says that Billy and Daisy made each other better. She sees it happening in front of herself as Billy starts to soften towards Daisy and starts seeing her as a part of the band rather than an intruder who wants to take away the limelight from him. This connection between them is built in one scene where they briefly chat about the things that have shaped their lives. Billy, who almost destroyed his career using drugs and alcohol, sees the beginnings of the same thing in Daisy. He notices her taking pills all the time and drinking alcohol at odd hours of the day. This is cause for concern because things could very easily go down the same road as they did with Billy. But this also tells him that bad things have happened to Daisy.

Image Credits: Lacey Terrell/Prime Video

While working on the lyrics, Billy says the song is about hope, but Daisy believes otherwise. She says it’s about why they keep doing things that are bad for them, why keep doing them even if it’s hopeless. Billy wonders what happened to her to make her think about things in such a way. This is the core of her character and foreshadows how things will unfold for her in the coming episodes.

Billy calls Daisy broken, and she leaves the room dismayed. He later finds her in Teddy’s garage and explains that he didn’t mean it in a bad way. He meant to highlight their similarities, which bring them together despite their differences. He knows that Daisy’s parents changed houses without ever telling her about it, which got her into trouble when she broke into the house that didn’t belong to her parents anymore.

To show her how their stories might be similar, Billy talks about his father, who abandoned him when Billy was just a child. He confesses that this event greatly impacted the decisions he has made throughout his life. He is trying to be someone his father would regret having left all those years ago. It hits a chord with Daisy as this is the first time Billy has opened up about his life.

Later, after they record the song, Daisy hugs Billy, and their expressions reveal that this is the mark of something between them. Graham sees it, too, and looks a little concerned, considering how Billy’s bad decisions have previously jeopardized the band. In the documentary, Karen comments that Daisy and Billy were good for each other until they weren’t. This proves that their romance is set to take flight in the next episode or so and will eventually lead to the band breaking up.

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