Dark Winds Episode 1 and 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Dark Winds’ follows the story of two law enforcement officers who try to solve a complicated murder. The show plays with the genre of crime and psychological thriller while throwing a hint of supernatural elements in the mix. Everything in the show highlights the unnerving feeling that it imparts to the viewer. From the lonely roads winding across the wide, barren landscape to a police officer cleansing herself after an experience that completely rattles her, the show has a lot of things that throw the audience off-balance. The first two episodes of ‘Dark Winds’ pack a lot of drama and intrigue that gives rise to many questions. The stage is set for the third episode, but before that, we take a look at the events of these episodes and see what they mean for the future.

Dark Winds Episode 1-2 Recap

‘Dark Winds’ opens with an audacious robbery in the middle of the day. The robbers escape in a helicopter which flies into the Navajo Reservation. The Feds believe that the culprits are Native Americans, which is why they chose to hide in a territory that they knew would be difficult for them to scour. Meanwhile, a strange double murder shakes the core of the community.

Joe Leaphorn is a Lieutenant in the Navajo Tribal Police. He has a complicated past that entangles with the murder case. While he tries to keep his emotions aside, he is assisted in the case by his trusted, Sgt. Manuelito, and a newbie, Jim Chee. The case brings back painful memories, but Leaphorn knows that if he doesn’t solve the case, the Feds definitely won’t. Meanwhile, his wife, Emma, who is a nurse, tells him about Sally, a pregnant young girl living in an abusive environment. Manuelito discovers that Sally’s mother might be more dangerous than she looks.

Dark Winds Episode 2 Ending Explained

While the first episode sets the stage by introducing us to the main characters, the second episode shows that not everything is what it seems. The robbery that happened in the first scene of the series becomes a pivotal part of the events of the show, and it looks like the double murders might have something to do with that. The helicopter that Hosteen Tso had seen mere weeks before his death is seen lying at the bottom of the lake next to his house. While it is baffling at first and we wonder what Hosteen had to do with it, then it is revealed that his nephew is involved with the robbers.

Benjamin Tso was introduced in the first episode as a Christian priest, who seemed extremely out of place. He’s Hosteen’s nephew and had been living at his place. In the second episode, however, it is revealed that he is one of the robbers from the armored truck heist. Being a priest is his cover. This also explains the presence of the helicopter at the bottom of the lake. Tso might have invited his team members to use it to dispose of the one thing that would have drawn attention to them. If no one knows where the helicopter is, no one will know where they are.

Despite all their efforts to stay hidden, the robbers are going to have a hard time in the coming episodes because the two officers now know about the helicopter. When Leaphorn visited Tso’s place, he noticed something off about the water. Trusting his instincts, he took a sample of it the next time and asked Chee to have it analyzed. At the end of the second episode, Chee tells him that his instincts were correct. The analysis showed the presence of hydraulic fluid in the water sample. This confirms that the helicopter is in the lake.

Because Chee works for the FBI, Leaphorn expects that the discovery of the helicopter will lead the Feds to swarm the place. This also means that they’ll forget about the double murder if they hadn’t already. However, he is surprised when Chee admits that he didn’t tell his superiors about the helicopter. This means that they can still keep the FBI away from the Reservation, giving them more time to focus on Hosteen and Anna’s murder.

Another piece of information Chee gives to Leaphorn is about Anna’s death. The autopsy report revealed that she might have been scared to death. The cardiac arrest and the white streak in her hair are both highly unnatural for a twenty-year-old girl, but the signs point toward the fact that she witnessed something extremely terrifying. While they wonder what that could have been, the show tilts a little in the direction of the supernatural.

Previously, Bernadette had had a weird experience at Sally’s house. She worried that her mother might have cursed her. While Chee found such a claim hard to believe, Leaphorn came to the conclusion that there might be some legitimacy behind her fears. At the end of episode two, Bernadette has a terrifying experience where she sees Sally’s mother appear out of nowhere and then disappear into thin air. This weird experience nudges the audience toward the possibility that something supernatural might be behind the dark things going on here.

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