Dash And Lily Episode 6 Recap and Review

‘Dash & Lily’ is a Netflix Original teen romance series that’s set in New York during the Christmas time. The show, based on the popular YA novel by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn, follows the story of cynical loner Dash (who hates Christmas) and cheerful, expressive Lily (who thinks Christmas time is the best time of the year). Dash and Lily fall in love before they ever even meet each other – by writing back and forth in a notebook that they leave at designated places all over the city.

They decide to make a game out of getting to know each other through the notebook (no social media!) and set one another dares that gently force the young couple out of their shells. Both their perspectives and beliefs start to evolve as they complete one challenge after another, experiencing new things and falling in love along the way. Here’s a short recap of episode 6 of ‘Dash & Lily’ season 1, followed by our thoughts on the episode. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Dash promises Lily that he will finally share his name as a Christmas present to her, telling her that he will give the notebook (with his name written inside) to Mrs. Basil E (Lily’s great-aunt Lillian) the day before so that it can be under Lily’s Christmas tree when she wakes up on Christmas morning. Dash hangs out with Sofia as friends and tells her about Lily and the notebook. She warns him that he is setting himself up for disappointment if he puts Lily on a pedestal and builds her up in his head.

At her home, Lily prepares to go to the Christmas Eve party with Edgar, unaware that Dash will also be there. When her brother asks Lily why “Notebook Boy” hasn’t yet asked her out, she says he’s busy reconnecting with an old friend (which she takes to mean an old person). Her brother enlightens her that “old friend” is code for “ex.” Lily checks with Boomer (in a secret meeting) if Dash has been hanging out with an ex, but Boomer says no since he is not yet aware of Sofia’s return to town. At Priya’s Christmas Eve party, Boomer finds out that Dash has, in fact, been spending time with Sofia since she came back to town a couple of days ago.

Boomer gives Dash a piece of his mind. He tells Dash that Sofia is not good for Dash, and he should not ruin a good thing with Lily by falling into old bad habits. With this, Boomer leaves the party but not before he hands Dash the red notebook. Lily, through the notebook, asks Dash to meet her for real. At the party, Dash and Lily connect in person, and he introduces himself but is whisked away by Sofia before he can hear Lily’s name. Sofia and Dash leave the party early, and she takes him on a midnight stroll through The Morgan Library and Museum, one of his favorite places.

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 6 Ending

Back at the party, Lily and Edgar almost kiss before he backs off. The party is not a fun experience for Lily, just the opposite of what she had expected, and she returns home depressed. The episode ends with Sofia telling Dash that she wants to get back together with him, and he tells her it’s not a good idea. But then they kiss, and the scene closes with a shot of the red notebook, lying forgotten in Dash’s bag. The ending of episode 6 definitely does not bode well for Dash and Lily’s relationship.

It sets the stage for the drama and angst that we know is coming. It’s not clear whether Dash ends up cheating on Lily (yes, we know she’s just a girl he writes to and not his exclusive girlfriend yet, but it’s evident that they’re both in love with each other) or if he stops at just the kiss. However, what is clear is that Dash will most probably not be able to get the notebook to Lily’s aunt on time, which means Lily will possibly be waking up to the disappointment of not finding out his name, as he had promised.

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Episode 5 ends with the audience confused about how Edgar knows Dash if he went to boarding school after the seventh grade. At the end of the last episode, it seems possible that maybe Dash and Lily already know each other from middle school. But thankfully, that’s not the case in episode 6. When they come face to face at the party, they have no clue about each other’s identity, and they connect purely as strangers meeting for the first time. So the simple explanation is that Edgar must have, at some point, switched schools again and joined the same school as Dash and Sofia.

While Dash and Lily’s first meeting was everything we could have asked for (he was so cute when he complimented her on her Christmas tree dress), it was mildly annoying to have it cut short by Sofia. The conversation flowed so well and naturally between Dash and Lily that we wanted a bit more of it. It’s just affirmation of the fact that these two fit together like puzzle pieces. But Sofia’s “putting on a pedestal” comment earlier in the episode feels foreboding. Will Dash not be able to handle the reality of Lily if she doesn’t match the girl in his head? Guess we’ll find out.

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