Dash And Lily Episode 7 Recap and Review

Imagine two New York City teenagers falling in love in a thoroughly unconventional manner, in the week leading up to Christmas – the most magical time of the year! It certainly makes for a heartwarming, utterly charming story that will have most viewers reminiscing about their first loves. That’s the story of ‘Dash & Lily,’ a Netflix Original show adapted from the novel ‘Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares.’

It follows two teens who form a special connection as they write to each other in a notebook that they exchange between themselves without ever meeting, and before long, love blossoms. Here is a summary of what transpires in season 1 episode 7, the penultimate episode. Our honest review follows after, but be warned, there are SPOILERS AHEAD!

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Lily wakes up on Christmas morning to no notebook from Dash under her tree, so she goes to Mrs. Basil’s place to check if he left the notebook there. Lillian tells her she hasn’t seen Notebook Boy since she visited Lily at her home. Aunt Lillian drops a pun about his name, though, and Lily is able to guess his name correctly, especially when she remembers the hint he gave her before (that his name is a connector of words). In a flash, Lily also remembers that the cute boy she met at the party last night said his name was Dash.

To confirm whether Dash from the previous night is Notebook Boy, Lily calls Boomer, who tells her that she is right. Sad and heartbroken because Dash left the party last night with Sofia, Lily goes to a pub and gets drunk with her caroling troupe (who are all adults). She sends a drunken text to Edgar, and he comes over to the pub and kisses Lily, right as Dash walks in through the doors and calls her name. The episode then rewinds time back to last night at the Morgan Library, where Sofia and Dash are kissing, but he stops, telling her that kissing her does not feel right because he is in love with Lily.

He ends things permanently with Sofia, but they both end up sleeping there because, as Sofia puts it, “how many people can say they spent a night at the Morgan Library?.” In the morning, Dash freaks out because he did not get the notebook back to Lily on time. He then receives a notification from “The Mommy app” on which Boomer had previously uploaded a photo of Lily’s red boot when they were trying to locate her.

The app tells Dash the location where the boot has been spotted, and he rushes to the pub where Lily is, all happy and excited and filled with Christmas spirit. To say that Dash is shocked to see Lily kissing Edgar would be an understatement. He also recognizes her from last night’s party and decides to take her to Lillian’s home since she is very obviously drunk. On the way there, Dash and Lily have a nasty fight about Edgar and Sofia. Lily reveals that she’s met Boomer, which further hurts Dash. He drops her at Lillian’s and walks away, totally devastated.

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 7 Ending

Lily’s grandfather takes her home, where her entire family is waiting for her to celebrate Christmas together. Lily’s parents inform her that they’re all moving to Fiji next week since her dad got the job. The episode ends with Lily reading Dash’s last message that he wrote while in the cab to Lillian’s. His last message in the notebook is him breaking up with Lily and telling her that it would be best if they never see each other again. While we had an inkling that this is where the story was headed, it’s still painful to watch our protagonists hurt and angry, and that too on Christmas!

Two people who fit together as well as Dash and Lily do should not have a falling out. But Sofia’s prediction from episode 6 is spot on – Dash cannot handle it that Lily is not the perfect girl in his head, especially when he sees her kissing another guy. He just cannot seem to get over the fact that Lily couldn’t wait for him because he did not get the notebook to her on time. He is also extremely hurt and angry about the fact that his best friend Boomer kept from him the fact that he had already met Lily in person.

Dash & Lily Season 1 Episode 7 Review

What’s a teen romance without a little angst? A teen sitcom. But this is not a sitcom; it’s a romantic comedy, so a healthy amount of angsty drama is expected and acceptable. Only, Lily and Dash are just too sweet to be hurting like this, and their’s is a pain that the audience feels and maybe even relates to, to some extent. And while it’s admittedly immature of Dash to end things so hastily, at the first sign of conflict, it is also immature of Lily to just assume things about Dash and Sofia and get drunk because of that assumption.

Her hypothesis that Dash would, of course, choose Sofia over her stems from her low self-esteem and her marked lack of self-worth, both of which she was slowly gaining throughout the season, but this episode sets her back quite a bit. Overall, it was a good episode with a solid, believable fight between the two protagonists. And the fact that they can’t see what they’re fighting about is actually really a non-issue that’s entirely in line with their age.

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