Is Tall Tree Forest an Actual Haunted Place in Port Townsend?

In the sixth episode of Netflix’s supernatural drama series ‘Dead Boy Detectives,’ titled ‘The Case of the Creeping Forest,’ Edwin, Charles, and Crystal join Monty and end up in Tall Tree Forest, a haunted place in Port Townsend. Right before they enter the woods, a group of ghosts warn them about the dangers awaiting them. Even though Port Townsend is known for several allegedly haunted establishments and spots, Tall Tree Forest is not one of them. The region in the episode is not even located in the city. Still, the forest opens a window into the eerie tales present in the place, which makes it clear why Port Washington is an ideal setting!

Tall Tree Forest and Haunted Port Townsend Spots

Even though Port Townsend has significant forest land and wilderness, including the Fort Townsend Historic State Park, Tall Tree Forest is not included in the same. The haunted region in the show is fictional and doesn’t have a real-life counterpart. Having said that, there are several allegedly haunted spots in and around the city. According to the local press, the murders and other crimes committed in the region when it was a “boomtown” back in the 1850s have been a source of several ghost tales that revolve around Port Townsend. One of the supposedly haunted places is Fort Worden Historical State Park.


The park, established in 1971, cannot boast the woods we see in Tall Tree Forest in the sixth episode. No one has ever seen a giant mushroom with teeth on the property. Still, the Commanding Officer’s Quarters Museum in the park is believed to be haunted by some of the city’s residents and tourists. The particular building was built in 1904 and remains at the center of these eerie tales. The military cemetery in the park also adds to the place’s appeal. The Palace Hotel in Water Street is another spot that has recently attracted the attention of ghost hunters. It isn’t a wonder that the city used to host special tours such as “Haunted Histories and Mysteries of Port Townsend” a few years before to explore these sites.

However, none of these supposedly haunted attractions in Port Townsend are connected to Tall Tree Forest. The scenes set in the forest were not even filmed in Washington but in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The filming location is a testament to why the city is known for its urban forests, which include 160,000 street trees and 713-hectare forest land.

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