Dead Mount Death Play Episode 1 Recap: The Reincarnation

In ‘Dead Mount Death Play’ episode 1 titled ‘The Reincarnation,’ the Corpse God unleashes violence and destruction after engaging in a brutal battle with humans. Luckily, the legendary Calamity Crusher, Shagrua Edith Lugrid manages to put an end to his reign of terror but for some reason, he is not convinced of his victory. Meanwhile, a young amnesiac boy wakes up in a dark alley and as he finally walks around and observes modern Japan, he is quite shocked by the futuristic architecture in front of his eyes.

The Corpse God Reincarnates in Modern World

In the battle against the Corpse God, a dangerous necromancer who seems almost undefeatable, the soldiers are suffering heavy casualties without making much progress. That’s when the legendary Calamity Crusher, Shagrua Edith Lugrid is called while the injured are taken to safety. Shigrua is the only man who stands a chance to defeat the evil Corpse God who possesses frightening powers. When the legendary Calamity Crusher arrives on the battlefield, his enemy is quick to use his army of undead to unleash a brutal attack.

But Shagrua is strong enough to face all hurdles and eventually manages to close the distance between the two of them. In the last moments, the Corpse God uses some inexplicable magic but Shagrua manages to penetrate his throat to his brain. It seems that the battle between the two finally ends there but the story then turns to modern Japan. A confused boy with a foggy memory and a wound to his neck finds himself in a dark alley and struggles to recall how he got there. As he observes the city, he is quite shocked to notice the architecture as he has never witnessed anything like it before.

Two police officers eventually ask him his name and he barely recalls that he is Polka Shinoyama. Meanwhile, an assassin is keeping a close eye on the boy as he is presumably paid to kill him. Then suddenly a girl grabs his hands and runs away with Polka. She takes him to a dark alley and it is then revealed that she is the killer who previously slit his throat. As Polka tries to run for his life, Misaki chases him relentlessly.

Is Misaki Sakimiya Dead? What Happens to the Corpse God? Does the Corpse God Get Reincarnated or Shagrua Edith Lugrid?

As Polka is trying to run away from Misaki, she throws a knife that pierces his leg. Naturally, he stops and falls to the ground. However, Polka suddenly has a renewed sense of self-preservation and he throws the knife back at Misaki barely missing her face by a few inches. As he is running away, Misaki gets excited as none of her previous victims has managed to intimidate her. Eventually, Polka ends up in a dingy room which turns out to be a place used by the yakuza for their executions.

Misaki even shows Polka the bathtub where the criminals often dissolved the bodies of their victims. She then goes on to mention that ghosts and gangsters haunt the place. All of a sudden, Polka can see the dead using the Evil eye. He can see that the yakuza were too careless with the lives of the people they took there. This comes with the realization that the Evil eye is the power of the soul, not the eyes or the brain.

Misaki mocks the fact that Polka seems like the kind of person who would just go on and on about respecting life. She then rushes towards him to finally take his life. Just as she is getting closer, Polka says that she should not handle life so lightly as they are his playthings. He then uses magic somehow and giant arms protrude out of the magical space that he creates, which takes Misaki’s life (as mentioned in the post-credits scene).

Elsewhere Sir Shagrua is still unsure whether he managed to defeat the Corpse God or not as he used some inexplicable magic in the very last moments of their battle. Recuria tries to reassure him that they have failed to find any traces of the Corpse God after a lot of investigation, so he does not need to worry. But it turns out that Shagrua’s suspicion is not misguided as the Corpse God has been reincarnated as Polka Shinoyama in the modern world.

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