Where is Dead Pixels Filmed?

‘Dead Pixels’ is a sitcom about gamers, made for gamers. The story is centered around a group of friends, who happen to be seasoned online gamers. And almost all of their days are spent in the fictional realm of a massive multi-player online role-playing game called ‘Kingdom Scrolls’. The story is conceptualized to accurately portray the lives of gamers, which, as per the makers, is not properly depicted on primetime tv.

But minus the gaming culture references, ‘Dead Pixels’ is an intelligently scripted show that can be enjoyed by anyone. However, creating a series with a detailed PC MMORPG as the center of attraction needs immense research. So, to give you some insights into what went behind making this incredible comedy, here is our coverage of the filming and production details for ‘Dead Pixels’.

Dead Pixels Filming Locations

Since ‘Dead Pixels’ is a British series, it is filmed in all its entirety in the UK — to be more specific, Soho, London. The independent production company handling the project is Various Artists Limited (VAL), which is dedicated to making scripted comedy and drama. The crew of VAL has filmed many of the show’s scenes inside the studio sets and outdoor spots, in an around London. The Northampton flat where the gamers reside is also located in London itself.

On the other hand, the online world of the featured game, ‘Kingdom Scrolls’ is created by London-based Keyframe Studios. The crew has managed to infuse the backdrops with appealing and chunky art styles, coupled with hints of deliberate shonkiness in the animation.

While filming for the show, the cast needed to participate in an on-set bonding exercise, which involved playing Ultra Street Fighter 2 on the Switch. Writer Jon Brown detailed this funny experience with the stars in an interview with Eurogamer. He said: “They may refute this but they were basically just mashing the buttons. And I felt like if I lost now at Street Fighter in front of everyone then I am never going to get the respect of the cast and crew, the whole show could crumble. So it felt important to mark my territory.”

And it is not like the stars shied away from putting in their best during the show’s shooting. Since the technicality of the series demanded their full devotion, the actors were seen rehearsing lines almost anywhere! Here’s one such post from actress Alexa Davis as she had to practice her lines from inside a trailer in Croatia!

She wrote: “I took this picture in a trailer in Croatia. I was learning lines and playing a lot of Zelda as ‘research’ for Dead Pixels. I shortly afterward left Croatia two weeks early, subsequently missing @piercebrosnanofficial ‘s wonderful private dinner (honestly I’m not bitter, it’s absolutely fine, I’m not bitter), to make the show and now it’s finally coming to your telly screens! Link in my bio for the trailer. ?♥️??”

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