Is Dear David a True Story? Is Adam Ellis a Real BuzzFeed Employee?

‘Dear David’, which was released on October 13, is a tale centered around a young man named Adam who begins to grapple with sleep paralysis, setting off a series of disturbing events in his life. His troubles intensify as he finds himself haunted by the spirit of a young boy named David. In an attempt to cope with these unsettling occurrences, Adam turns to social media to share his experiences, drawing the attention of many followers. As the events escalate, Adam’s grasp on reality weakens, and he becomes increasingly uncertain about how to free himself from the haunting presence.

Directed by John McPhail, the film provides a contemporary backdrop for the unfolding of horror as it challenges the notion that ghosts and hauntings are a thing of the past. Augustus Prew takes on the role of Adam Ellis in the film, with a cast that includes Justin Long as Bryce and Andrea Bang as Evelyn. The ensemble also features Rachel Wilson, Tricia Black, and René Escobar Jr., showcasing a talented and diverse group of actors. The premise of the film makes one curious if the film is based on a true story. If you are wondering the same, we have the answers to that question. Let’s get started!

Is Dear David a True Story?

Yes, ‘Dear David’ is based on a true story. The film is adapted from the real-life experiences and internet phenomenon that unfolded on Twitter. Adam Ellis, an illustrator known for comics, gained fame in 2017 when he began sharing his encounters with a haunting on his Twitter account. In an ongoing Twitter thread that spanned several months, Ellis detailed his experiences after moving into a new apartment. His eerie and unsettling accounts began with bad dreams, which he initially attributed to nightmares.

In the subsequent tweets, Ellis continued to reveal the disturbing details of his experiences. He described seeing a young boy with a crushed skull in his dreams, and a little girl told him to refer to the apparition as “Dear David.” As time passed, Ellis’s encounters grew increasingly horrifying. To escape these unnerving events, he even moved to an upstairs apartment, hoping to find safety. However, his cats would often sit facing the front door, which opened into the hallway, precisely at midnight, and meow at it. In an attempt to document these strange occurrences, Ellis recorded the sounds on his phone and heard an eerie static noise at 3 a.m. each morning.

The Twitter thread also included cam recordings from Ellis’s home, providing visual evidence of the supernatural phenomena he was experiencing. These recordings captured a rocking chair moving on its own and dark, blurred images that were believed to depict the ghostly presence. Those following the thread were both intrigued and astonished by these developments and were concerned for Ellis’s safety.

The film adaptation has taken some creative liberties to build the narrative while retaining the essence of the original story. In the movie, the ghost initiates contact with Ellis through Twitter by trolling him. Additionally, a backstory for David has been developed, and Ellis embarks on a quest to uncover more about the mysterious boy who keeps visiting him. Despite these narrative additions, the core premise of the film remains faithful to the true events that unfolded on the internet and it is an engaging watch for those who closely followed the original Twitter thread.

Is Adam Ellis a Real BuzzFeed Employee?

Yes, in 2017, when Adam Ellis started his “Dear David” Twitter thread, he was employed at BuzzFeed. In an interview, he affirmed that the haunting he had experienced was real. He said, “I’ve never been interested in convincing anyone that ghosts are real — I just wanted to tell my story. If it was all fiction, I probably would’ve updated more than once every couple weeks.” Within the original Twitter thread, Adam Ellis disclosed that he had discovered the existence of a crawlspace located above his apartment. Upon closer inspection of the hatch next to it, he made an eerie discovery: a small shoe and a very tiny marble.

In January 2018, he posted an update to inform his followers that he had left his job at BuzzFeed and was pursuing a solo career as an illustrator. He explained that it had become increasingly challenging to manage his side projects alongside his daily work at BuzzFeed. While he wasn’t certain about his future path, he expressed hope and optimism for what lay ahead. The “Dear David” thread became less active around the same time in 2018, causing concerns among his followers. He had to assure them of his health and well-being.

Since parting ways with BuzzFeed, Adam Ellis has continued to work and has achieved numerous professional milestones. He has established himself as a successful artist and illustrator with a substantial social media following, boasting approximately 1.6 million followers on Instagram alone. In addition to his social media presence, he has authored several books over the years. His most recent publication, ‘Fever Knights,’ is a fantasy graphic novel that was released in 2023. He also has another book titled ‘Bad Dreams In The Night’ is already available for pre-order.

‘Dear David’ is a chilling story that blurs the lines between reality and the supernatural, both in its original Twitter thread and its cinematic adaptation. Adam Ellis’s real-life experiences and his involvement in the film’s creation as a writer lend a unique and haunting authenticity to the narrative, making it a must-watch for those who seek a modern ghostly tale.

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