Deborah and Kim Clenney: Courtney’s Parents Are Now Out on Bail

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The episode ‘Killer Only Fans Model: Deadly Love Story’ delves into the murder case of Christian Obumseli, allegedly committed by his girlfriend, Courtney Clenney, who was charged with second-degree murder shortly after the incident. Courtney asserted that Christian’s death occurred in an act of self-defense. However, the case remains open, and ongoing investigations continue. Notably, Clenney’s parents provided their first public interview in this episode, emerging as key figures connected to the unfolding events in the case.

Who are Deborah and Kim Clenney?

Deborah and Kim Clenney welcomed Courtney into their family in 1996. Originally residing in Midland, Texas, they later moved to Austin with Courtney and her sister. The Clenney family, a typical middle-class household, observed Courtney’s lofty aspirations and ambitions from an early age. When she expressed her desire to pursue a career in acting and subsequently moved to Los Angeles, her parents wholeheartedly supported her decision.

Upon discovering that Courtney was employed as a stripper at an Austin club, her parents were displeased with her choice. Despite their reservations, they recognized her autonomy as an adult and refrained from intervening in her decisions. Unaware of Courtney’s involvement as an OnlyFans model, they expressed their lack of knowledge about the app. The sudden influx of money from Courtney’s endeavors raised concerns, yet her parents opted to offer support in her chosen path.

On the afternoon of April 3, 2022, Courtney reached out to Deborah, informing her about a confrontation with her boyfriend Christian Obumseli. According to Courtney, Christian had attempted to choke her, prompting her to defend herself by throwing a knife, resulting in his severe injury and profuse bleeding. Deborah asserted that she advised Courtney to call 911 and urged her to reach out to them. Believing that Courtney was in danger due to Christian’s behavior, Deborah attributed the incident to the perceived threat to her daughter’s safety.

Where Are Deborah and Kim Clenney Now?

Deborah and Kim Clenney firmly maintain their perspective that the details presented by the prosecutors in the case against their daughter, Courtney Clenney, do not provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation. They argue that, for instance, in the elevator CCTV footage where Courtney is shown hitting Christian Obumseli repeatedly, one must consider the context where he is “swatting her away like a fly” without any visible reaction. They contend that at one point, Christian is seen holding Courtney in a headlock, suggesting that he also tended to physical aggression.

Deborah asserted that if events had unfolded differently, it might have been Courtney who would have lost her life. In January 2024, both of Courtney’s parents were arrested on charges of unauthorized access to a computer or electronic device. The police alleged that during their investigation, they discovered a WhatsApp group involving Kim, Deborah, Courtney, and Courtney’s defense attorney. In this group, they supposedly discussed potential passwords for Christian’s computer, which had not been seized by the police during the evidence collection. Both of them were booked into the Miami-Dade jail until their court appearance, where they posted a bail of $5000 each on February 6, 2024.

The two contended that the laptop in question was shared between Courtney and Christian, and their attempts to guess the password were solely due to Courtney forgetting it after spending nearly a year in prison. Their attorney released a statement which read, “The allegations are frivolous and entirely without merit. The charge is such an overreach by law enforcement that it seems clear they are being targeted for being witnesses in their daughter’s case. The misuse of power and show of force is simply an attempt to bully them and scare them off from supporting their daughter- which will never happen.” Courtney’s case is still ongoing and a verdict is awaited.

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