Preview: Defending Jacob Finale

Defending Jacob‘ is an Apple TV+ murder mystery series that packs a stellar cast. Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery, and Jaeden Martell play characters belonging to the Barber family. The penultimate episode of the show focuses on Jacob’s trial. The trial is depicted to be swinging between both the sides constantly. However, towards the end of the episode, Patz is seen admitting his guilt in a note addressed to Ben’s parents.

Defending Jacob Finale Release Date

‘Defending Jacob’ episode 8 i.e. finale is scheduled to release on May 29, 2020, on Apple TV+. Generally, Apple TV+ releases new episodes around 3 am E.T. The eighth episode is titled ‘After’ and returns one week after the seventh episode of the series had been released. After the first three episodes, ‘Defending Jacob’ follows a weekly format with each episode scheduled to premiere every Friday.

Where to Watch Defending Jacob Episode 8 Online?

‘Defending Jacob’ is an Apple TV+ original. Hence, the only way one can watch the murder mystery miniseries is by getting an Apple TV+ subscription. A monthly subscription for the streaming platform costs $4.99, while an annual subscription costs $49.99. However, you can opt for a seven-day free trial. So, use that wisely.

Defending Jacob Episode 8 Spoilers

‘Defending Jacob’ episode 8 is titled ‘After.’ The title of the episode indicates the fact that it might cover the aftermath. The penultimate episode ends with Patz writing a note to Ben’s parents admitting his guilt. Now, it would be interesting to see how this plays out. In all probability, Jacob should be let off the hook because of that. However, that depends entirely on what actually happens with the note. Does Patz actually deliver it to the Rifkins? There is also a probability that the note never reaches Ben’s parents.

However, given the title, there is a higher probability that the note does reach the Rifkins. As mentioned earlier, ‘After’ will most likely take a look at the aftermath of the events. It will probably show how the community finally starts to accept the Barbers again. However, there is still the mystery surrounding the gangster that Andy had observed keeping an eye on them. There will certainly be some development regarding that front. Otherwise, it would have been frustrating set-up without any pay-off.

Lastly, the final episode might see the Barber family reuniting. Laurie and Andy are seen having a major argument towards the end of the seventh episode. Plus, Andy also asks Jacob whether he committed the murder.

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