Delia Mae Young and Susie Roberts: How Did They Die?

Lake Lanier, nestled in the state of Georgia, has gained notoriety for its eerie reputation and frequent reports of paranormal occurrences. Among the many ghostly sightings and unexplained phenomena, one of the most infamous tales revolves around the mysterious “lady in the blue dress.” According to local legends, visitors to the lake have reported encountering a spectral figure adorned in a flowing blue gown, often seen wandering along the shoreline or standing hauntingly on the bridge overlooking the water.

Some people believe that the ghost is that of a woman named Delia Mae Young who passed away near the bridge. On the night that she died, her friend, Susie Roberts also disappeared. In Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained’ episode named ‘Haunting of Lake Lanier’ the true story of their deaths and how their bodies were found has been shared by residents of the place.

Delia Mae Young and Susie Roberts Were Last Seen at a Gas Station

Delia Mae Young and Susie Roberts, both young mothers residing in Northern Georgia, were close friends residing in the vicinity of Lake Lanier. In 1958, just two years after the construction of a new bridge called the Jerry D. Jackson Bridge spanning the lake, they embarked on a night of revelry at a club in neighboring Forsyth County. Dancing and enjoying themselves, they made memories together before deciding to return home as the night wore on.

On their journey back, Delia and Susie made a stop at a gas station to refuel Susie’s 1954 Ford. This was the last time anyone saw them alive. Their disappearance left their families in anguish, searching desperately for many months without any success. The loss was devastating, leaving a lingering mystery and unanswered questions. It wasn’t until 18 months later that a local fisherman, working beneath the Jerry D. Jackson bridge made a grim discovery: a body floating in the water.

The body was extremely bloated and decomposed. Two toes from the foot and the hands of the body were missing. Given the technological reach of the time, the coroner couldn’t identify the body. The local people had a suspicion that the body belonged to Della and even her family came to see it. In the documentary, some residents said that it has been rumored that her brother felt “something pass through him” when the body was shown to him.

As years passed without any further information on the case, Susie remained missing, leaving behind a haunting mystery. However, in the years that followed, reports began to surface of sightings of a mysterious figure known as the “lady in the blue dress.” Numerous people claimed to have encountered a young woman dressed in blue, resembling the attire Delia had worn on the day she vanished. Then, in 1990, with the world evolving and changing, attention returned to the Jackson D Bridge, which had endured years of wear and tear. Restoration work began on the bridge.

Workers present during the restoration efforts came across a partially submerged 1954 Ford buried under layers of mud at the bottom of Lake Lanier. Upon retrieval, human remains were found inside the car, prompting forensic analysis. Through dental records, the remains were identified as belonging to Susie, finally bringing closure to her decades-long disappearance. It was determined that the car had plunged off the bridge during their journey back, resulting in the deaths of both Susie and Delia. With Susie’s body identified, Delia’s remains were also officially recognized, allowing her unmarked grave to be properly named.

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