Are Deonna and Gregory From MAFS Still Together?

Deonna McNeill Okotie and Gregory Okotie, a dynamic couple hailing from North Carolina and Maryland, respectively, captured the hearts of viewers when they appeared on season 9 of the Lifetime Network’s hit reality show, ‘Married at First Sight.’ Their journey, marked by genuine affection, shared faith, and aligned morals, unfolded on national television as they tied the knot in March 2019, embarking on an unconventional path to finding love. The couple’s love story was a slow burn, with Deonna, an operations manager, taking her time to develop feelings organically.

This hesitancy stemmed from her unique situation – having been out of a relationship for an astonishing 10 years before her daring venture into the world of ‘Married at First Sight.’ Greg, on the other hand, was the owner of a math learning center, and a man of patience, and determination. He understood the complexities of the experiment and strived to be patient, not succumbing to the pressure of overthinking their budding relationship.

Deonna and Gregory’s Relationships Posed a Unique Set of Obstacles

Throughout the season, Deonna McNeill Okotie grappled with expressing her emotions and communicating effectively with Gregory Okotie. Her decade-long hiatus from relationships posed a unique set of obstacles, but she approached it with determination and a willingness to put in the necessary work. The viewers witnessed a transformation as Deonna made noticeable improvements in her ability to open up and share her feelings with Greg. Aware of Deonna’s struggle, he demonstrated unwavering support and understanding.

Greg’s patience was a testament to the depth of his commitment, showcasing a level of maturity that belied the relatively short duration of their marriage. The couple’s shared faith became a guiding force in navigating the intricacies of their relationship, providing a solid foundation upon which they could build their love. Decision Day, the ultimate crucible for couples on the show, arrived, and Deonna and Greg faced the pivotal choice of whether to continue their journey together or go their separate ways.

The anticipation among viewers was palpable, given the rollercoaster of emotions the couple had experienced throughout the season. As the moment of truth arrived, the couple made a resounding decision – they chose to remain married. The collective sigh of relief from fans echoed the sentiments of a nation invested in the success of this seemingly well-matched couple. It was a heartwarming conclusion to a season marked by genuine emotion and the pursuit of lasting love.

Deonna and Gregory are Still Happily Married

The post-marriage journey of Deonna McNeill Okotie and Gregory Okotie is like a captivating novel, with each chapter brimming with love, laughter, and the sweet surprises that life has to offer. As the curtains closed on their ‘MAFS’ season, the couple continued to shine in the spotlight, making waves in the world of reality TV. Their enduring commitment to each other was not confined to the stage but extended to ‘Married at First Sight: Couples Cam.’ The show provided a peek into their lives, navigating the complexities of daily life, and Deonna and Greg embraced the opportunity with open arms.

Juggling the intricacies of life amid a global pandemic, they showcased not only their resilience but also the strength of their bond, keeping fans hooked on their journey. Venturing beyond the screen, Deonna and Greg became a dynamic presence on social media, sharing glimpses of their love story with the world. The couple’s virtual connection with their followers was as strong as the one they shared in real life. In a 2020 exclusive interview with She Knows, the duo dropped a bombshell about their plans.

The prospect of starting a family was on the horizon, with Greg playfully admitting, “Yeah, we’re still thinking about it. Deonna does have baby fever thanks to her nephew.”  The timeline was set – a year, a year-and-a-half. Time, however, proved to be swift, and by September 2022, the couple joyously announced their pregnancy, setting the stage for the next chapter in their love story. Their firstborn, a bundle of joy named Declan Okotie, made his entrance into the world on February 27, 2021. The couple, radiating happiness, shared the news with PEOPLE, expressing gratitude for a healthy family of three.

Deonna, with unwavering dedication, emphasized her mindset entering parenthood: “This was going to be my person. This is going to be it, and I want to make sure that I put 110 percent in because I want to make sure that this works.”  In candid interviews with E! News, the new parents opened up about their parenting styles. Deonna praised Greg’s caring nature, describing him as a potential great dad. Greg, in turn, acknowledged Deonna’s nurturing qualities, highlighting her role as a mother figure in his life. Their love isn’t confined to the baby blues; it has expanded into the digital realm with the launch of their YouTube channel.

The couple, multifaceted and dynamic, has also ventured into entrepreneurship, birthing their clothing brand, Akpesiri, and expanding their reach. Greg, still at the helm of his math learning center, continues to channel his passion for education. The couple, however, isn’t treading this journey alone. Seeking guidance from a therapist, they have navigated the challenges of parenthood. One crucial lesson learned was the importance of flexibility and maintaining mental health. Greg dispelled the myth of “Sleep when the baby’s asleep,” revealing the reality of a 24/7 parental commitment. Having each other proved invaluable, with Greg expressing gratitude for Deonna’s patience and nurturing spirit, humorously stating, “If she was a version of me, I don’t know how Declan would make it.”

As the couple celebrated their fourth anniversary in March 2023, Deonna poured her heart into a social media post, reflecting on four years of love and laughter. The journey, marked by smiles and shared moments, has become a testament to their unwavering partnership. The Okoties, now a trio, navigate the waters of love, parenthood, and entrepreneurship, with each challenge fortifying their bond. Their furry companion, Sandy, adds another layer of joy to their lives, completing the picture of a happy family. The couple, not just content with their success, has become a source of inspiration for many, proving that nurtured love could weather any storm.

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