Do Dexter and Sylvie Get Back Together in One Day?

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Netflix’s romance drama series, ‘One Day,’ takes the audience through the ups and downs in the life of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew over the course of two decades. While there is an instant attraction between them, it takes a lot of time for them to come to terms with their feelings for one another. In between this, they have other relationships that impact the course of their lives. For Dexter, that relationship comes with Sylvie, whom he ends up marrying and having a child with.

Despite tying the knot, it soon becomes clear to both of them that they are not meant for each other. They get divorced, and that opens the doors for Dexter to finally confess to himself the feelings for Emma that he has held on to for all these years. But getting together with Emma doesn’t cut his ties with Sylvie. What does the future hold for them? SPOILERS AHEAD

Dexter and Sylvie Develop a Close Friendship Despite the Divorce

Image Credits: Matt Towers/Netflix

Things had been rather hasty for Dexter and Sylvie, who, in hindsight, got married too early in their relationship. They meet sometime in 1995 or 1996, which is the time when he is out of touch with Emma. Sylvie’s arrival in his life turns things around for Dexter. If pushing away his best friend hadn’t sobered him up, Sylvie’s headstrong attitude forces him to take stock of his situation and give up drugs and alcohol for a quieter and happier life with her.

Eventually, he gets to meet her family, and while it doesn’t go as well as hoped, it does nothing to drive him and Sylvie apart. A year later, Dexter reunites with Emma and tells her that he and Sylvie are engaged. At first, it seems like the wedding might be because he and Sylvie are so head over heels in love with one another. They’ve known each other for two years now, and this is certainly the longest, stable relationship Dexter has had. But turns out that the decision to get married does not come independently but is influenced by the fact that Sylvie is pregnant.

Of course, both Sylvie and Dexter must have mutually agreed on having a child together, but the fact that the pregnancy was not planned means that there might have been some pressure (be it from society, family, or their own self) that prodded them to get married as soon as possible. This makes one wonder whether they would have gotten married so early if it hadn’t been for the pregnancy. Would they have still stayed together?

If the joy of the pregnancy brought them together, actually raising that kid takes the life out of their relationship. Dexter feels the pressure of providing for his family and takes the job offer from Callum, which he might not have accepted had he not become a father. Sylvie feels herself reduced to the role of being a mother and is constantly frustrated by Dexter’s inability to do better, both professionally and personally. Her faith in him disappears over time till they get to the point that she is hesitant to leave him alone with the child to get a break for herself.

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This tension, aided by Sylvie cheating on Dexter with Callum, leads to a divorce, which turns out to be for the better for both of them in some ways. Dexter ends up with Emma, and all seems well for a while. But then, Emma dies, and Dexter turns into a mess. While Sylvie may have divorced him, she still sympathizes with him, especially on Emma’s first death anniversary. Meanwhile, we also discover that her relationship with Callum is also on the rocks. By the next year, she and Callum have broken up, and Dexter is doing a better job of handling his grief.

It is then that Sylvie jokes that now they’re both single again, they should get back together. One would think it logical, considering that they have a child together and are on quite good terms with each other, even after the divorce. They clearly care for each other, and while they are not in love, they do love each other. But that’s the point. They can’t get together just because the circumstances dictate so. They’d done it before, and their relationship crumbled in no time. It’ll be the same again because the situation is pretty much the same. They are not in love with each other. So, it’s better to stay friends and be there for each other rather than reignite the relationship that is already doomed.

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