Did Laura Die in 365 Dni?

‘365 Days’ (365 Dni) is a romantic thriller adapted from a book trilogy of the same name by Blanka Lipińska. The film tells the story of a mafia named Massimo who sets his eyes on a beautiful young woman, Laura. In a desperate attempt to make her fall for him, he abducts her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. After resisting for a while, Laura, too, finds herself falling in love with the badass mafia. Unfortunately for them, things don’t end too well as Massimo’s dark past comes back to haunt him. The harrowing conclusion of the film leaves you with several unanswered questions. So further down in this article, we’ll be breaking down the answers to all of them.

Is Laura Alive or Dead in 365 Days?

‘365 Days’ has an ambiguous ending where Laura and her friend, Olga, can be seen returning from a wedding shopping trip. While they are at it, one of Massimo’s men, Mario, suspects that a rival mafia gang is now trying to kill Laura. After realizing this, he tries to warn Laura about it, but her phone turns out to be busy. Realizing that he’s running out of time, Mario rushes to Massimo to tell him what the rival gang is up to. But by the time he gets there, it seems to be too late to save her. In the closing scene of the movie, a police van can be seen parked right outside the tunnel. Although the movie ends right at this moment, it is possible that the Massimo’s rival gang has killed Laura.

However, considering the fact that a sequel of the movie is possibly underway and it has been adapted from a book trilogy, it seems more likely that Laura is still alive. Her friend may have been killed by Massimo’s adversaries, she has probably been abducted by the rival gang. As you might be able to recall, in the closing scene, Massimo falls to the ground and remembers the first time he saw Laura at a beach. In this scene, it seems like he, too, has given up on all hope and believes that Laura could possibly be dead. But if you think about it, this only seems to be a reflection of his own vulnerabilities as previously in the movie, the rival gang had killed his father as well. Moreover, in the original book, Laura and Massimo end up getting married. So if the movie remains loyal to its source, Laura will very well be alive in the next film and the two of them might even get married.

Who Killed Laura in 365 Days?

Mario’s source tells him that Massimo’s nemesis wants to kill Laura but no other revelations regarding this are made. However, if we put together certain plot points of the film, we can very well deduce who could’ve have been this killer. In the opening scene itself, Massimo and his father try to finalize a deal with another gang. But since this deal involves illegal child trafficking, Massimo’s father disagrees to take it any further. Moments after this, both Massimo and his father get shot. Later on in the movie, after Laura falls for Massimo, Massimo starts acting all strange and even asks her to go back home while he resolves some of his unfinished business.

Laura waits for weeks for him to return and when he finally shows up, she notices a wound on his chest. When she asks him about it, he just assures her that he has settled everything now and she has nothing to worry about. This wound on his chest suggests that while Laura was at home, Massimo was probably seeking revenge for his father’s death. To make sure that his rival gang stays away from Laura, he probably conspired an attack on them. And it’s this attack that later incited the rival gang to kill Laura.

How Did Laura Die?

As I mentioned before, It is quite possible that Laura is still alive. But in an unlikely situation where she’s actually dead, Laura was killed because she was the only person Massimo truly loved. Massimo’s enemies did not really have any personal grudges against Laura, but they realized that the best way to get revenge from Massimo would be by killing the only person he truly cares for. That’s how, without even realizing, Laura not only becomes a prime target for Massimo’s enemies but also becomes his only weakness—his Achilles heel.

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