Do Amado and Marta End Up Together in Narcos: Mexico Season 3?

Among the several characters introduced in the third season of ‘Narcos: Mexico,’ Marta is one of the most important ones as her relationship with Amado Carrillo Fuentes (José María Yazpik) fundamentally changes him and makes him believe that he too can aspire for a happy ending. Their whirlwind romance gives Amado some respite from his otherwise hectic and violent life as the leader of the Juárez Cartel. However, it isn’t long before certain acquaintances of Amado decide to use her as a bargaining chip against him. If you are wondering whether Amado and Marta end up together, here is what you need to know.

Do Amado and Marta End Up Together?

Yes, Amado and Marta end up together at the end of season 3. Amado and Marta’s first encounter takes place in Havana, Cuba, where he goes to arrange a new deal with the Cali Cartel. The deal forces Cali leaders to accept that they will have to pay him in cocaine, effectively making Amado a rival in the US market. But Amado assures them that they will have a conversation in the near future about the areas where either party is allowed to sell their product.

While celebrating his success with the Cali Cartel in Havana, Amado meets Marta, a local singer and musician, and it’s love at first sight for both of them. They spend days locked inside a hotel room together, making love and learning about each other. Amado becomes so attached to Marta that he continues to postpone his return to Mexico, placing his personal life over the professional one.

The next time the audience sees her is after the leaders of the Cali Cartel decide to retire. Amado returns to Havana and finds a new supplier in the North Valley Cartel or Norte del Valle Cartel. It is revealed that Marta has figured out what Amado does for a living and seems to have accepted it. They part ways once more, promising that they will see each other soon.

Amado eventually realizes that his life as a drug lord and the success he has achieved aren’t sustainable. His partner, Carlos Hank Gonzalez or El Professor, a politician and industrialist with immense power and influence, forces him to restrain himself and his men following an attack by the Tijuana Cartel. Realizing that he needs to make a move immediately, Amado starts withdrawing money from the business. He sends some of it to his former wife as well as to Marta. He also sends the latter the deed to a coastal house in Chile. He tells her over the phone that he wants her to come with him and that no matter what she decides, the house is hers.

For a long time, Amado has waited for his inevitable death to catch up with him. But now, he wants something different: a future with Marta. Much to his horror and surprise, Amado discovers that Hank knows about Marta, and the people he (Amado) put in charge of Marta’s security actually works for one of Hank’s friends. Amado ensures that Marta gets out of Havana safely before leaving Juárez. He leaves the cartel in his brother’s hands and fakes his death.

While the world thinks Amado tried to change his appearance through plastic surgery and died on the operating table, he slips away and reunites with Marta in Chile. There are two glasses of wine on top of a piano in the mid-credits scene, along with the toy plane that originally belonged to Amado’s late daughter. The implication here is that Amado is alive and has found what previously seemed impossible for any trafficker: a life beyond the world of crime.

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