Do Devi and Ben End Up Together in Never Have I Ever Season 3?


Netflix’s ‘Never Have I Ever’ follows the story of a first-generation Indian American, Devi Vishwakumar. It focuses on Devi’s turbulent love life as she struggles with love triangles while trying to keep all of her romantic endeavors a secret from her mother. There are so many ups and downs in Devi’s life that it becomes hard to keep track of who she’s pining for and who she actually ends up with. The third season, especially, adds to the turmoil with the introduction of a new character. But no matter who she dates, Devi always shares a close relationship with Ben. His compatibility with her is off the charts, and the third season, once again, proves why they are a good match for each other. Does it mean that we can expect them to get back together in the next season? Let’s find out.

Do Devi and Ben End Up Together?


Considering the unpredictable nature of Devi’s love life, it wouldn’t be wise to say who she ends up with just yet, but the odds do seem to be in favor of Ben. They’d check off the enemies to lovers trope in the first season when despite the strong clash in their personalities, which had been bubbling ever since they were kids, they find a common ground. Devi receives unexpected support from Ben, who falls in love with her. The second season has them enjoying their new relationship, but it was doomed from the beginning, because at the same time, Devi was also secretly dating Paxton.

Ben does not take well to Devi’s cheating, and his heart also breaks over the fact that it is Paxton that Devi wins back after the breakup. He can’t help but resign to the fact that she’d always been attracted to Paxton and so, it only makes sense that she’d choose him over Ben. Later, they make peace after Ben gets together with Aneesa. In the third season, however, Ben becomes single again and Devi gets broken up with two times, by Paxton and Des. Still, Ben remains one of her closest friends, and in the end, she realizes that there might still be something between them.

Having decided to stay in Sherman Oaks for the final year of school, Devi knocks at Ben’s door to cash in the “one free boink” he’d offered her for her future when she’d be old and on her deathbed. This decision doesn’t come out of the blue for Devi, as losing her virginity was a top priority for her after getting in a relationship with Paxton. Try as she might, she never quite found herself ready for it. She might have considered it when she got together with Des, but their relationship didn’t really last that long. While all this was happening, there were times when her feelings for Ben surfaced, sometimes in the form of jealousy and sometimes in the simple acts of friendship. She might have tried her best to impress Paxton and Des, but she’d always been most comfortable with Ben, and it makes sense that eventually, she’d turn to him.

The final scene of the third season has Ben and Devi kissing, and it looks like they’re going to have sex. However, considering how things never quite turn out how Devi expects them to, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the fourth season opens with some awkwardness between her and Ben. There is still a lot to unpack in Devi’s story, especially with the final year of school. So, at the moment, it looks like Ben and Devi are together. Whether or not they continue to be so is yet to be seen.

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