Do Louie and Jerome Die in Snowfall? Will Kane Kill Them? Theories

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

The sixth season of FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ revolves around the fight for the throne of the Los Angeles drug scene. Franklin Saint realizes that his uncle Jerome Saint and aunt Louanne “Louie” Saint have become nothing but his enemies, which leads him to Kane Hamilton, who wants to exact his vengeance on the newly married couple. In the first three episodes of the season, Jerome and Louie deal with multiple threats to their lives, making the viewers wonder whether the once-beloved uncle and aunt die in the final installment of the series. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Jerome and Louie’s Ambitions Lead to Danger

Jerome and Louie’s lives start to get threatened when they become the generals of Franklin as the young man emerges as the new kingpin of the drug scene in the City of Angels. Eventually, the uncle and aunt start to become ambitious, which makes them separate from their nephew’s commands so that they can build their own empire. In the fifth season, Louie meets Theodore “Teddy” McDonald and makes it clear to him that she is ready to deal drugs with him without Franklin in the middle. Along with joining hands with Teddy, Louie also tries to kill Kane Hamilton using Beau Buckley to eliminate him as her challenger or an obstacle on her way while she and her partner climb the stairs of the city’s drug scene.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Louie’s actions make Franklin and Kane her and Jerome’s enemies. If the newlywed couple dies, it should be as the result of the actions of either their nephew or the OG gangster, who is currently in a hospital bed. As far as Franklin is concerned, although Jerome and Louie become his enemies and obstacles on his path to glory, they are still his family. If there’s one thing that is predictable about the kingpin, it is that he cannot pull the trigger on his family. That’s the reason why the couple is still alive even after they have gone against their nephew to strike a deal with Teddy.

Regardless of what Jerome and Louie do against him, Franklin will always treat them as their family and that’s the reason why he goes to meet his uncle and discuss a truce with him. If Franklin decides to pull the trigger, it will only be on Louie since he and Jerome share the same blood. However, it may only happen in the worst-case scenario and the couple may not push their nephew into such a predicament. Considering that Franklin doesn’t want to kill Jerome and Louie, they may only need to worry about Kane. Franklin even makes it clear to the gangster that he would gladly step away from his way when he tries to kill the former’s aunt and uncle.

Kane wants to kill Jerome and Louie because the latter sends Beau Buckley to him, only for the dirty cop to nearly kill Kane and kill most of his men. The injured gangster wants to exact his vengeance on the couple and uses his remaining men to try to kill them. In the first three episodes of the sixth season, Jerome and Louie escape from murder attempts one after the other, ordered by Kane. They have succeeded in escaping from the same until now but they may not be able to run away alive every time a gang rains bullets in their direction. Nor they can hide in an ivory tower while a war happens in the Los Angeles streets.

Therefore, Jerome and Louie may need to kill Kane to protect themselves. Although the gangster is still potent enough, he is in his most vulnerable condition. The couple may need to take advantage of the same and ensure his death to stay away from theirs. Otherwise, Jerome and Louie may need to run away to Little Rock, Arkansas, as soon as possible for the sake of their security, as per their initial plan. In the upcoming episodes of the final season of the series, we may see whether the couple will accept their defeat in the aforementioned war and run away to Little Rock to remain alive or stay in the City of Angels, risking their lives, to protect their pride and reputation.

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