Does Arondir Die in The Rings of Power? Theories

Image Credit: Ben Rothstein/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘LOTR’ prequel, ‘The Rings of Power’ explores the time when Sauron rose to power. Following the victory over Morgoth, the elves believe that the war is over and they can spend the rest of their days in peace. But evil forces are lurking in the shadows and people like Arondir have started to see the signs. While most people tend to run away from danger, soldiers such as Arondir have trained their whole lives for this. Still, nothing can prepare them for what’s to come, which puts them in mortal danger. Will Arondir survive the events of ‘The Rings of Power’? Here’s what you should know about him.

Does Arondir Die?

Arondir is an elf, which means that his lifespan is much longer than that of any human, dwarf, or otherwise. It also means that he is stronger and very skilled to fight and survive in extraneous circumstances. His quick healing and impressive immunity also make things easier for him, as opposed to other mortals for whom every wound and every illness is a huge deal. Still, there is a danger looming over him, much like every other character in ‘The Rings of Power’ and there are a few things that make us doubtful of the fact that he might survive by the end of it.

Image Credit: Ben Rothstein/Prime Video

Elves might be immortal, but that doesn’t make them unkillable. Many an elf was killed in the wars with Morgoth and then with Sauron. This means that war is a very bad prospect for them, which is why perhaps they are always so intent on avoiding it. Still, ignore as they might, danger lurks in the shadows, with the return of the Orcs and the impending rise of Sauron in ‘The Rings of Power’. And Arondir’s path is only going to lead him deeper into the lair of danger.

There is no doubt that he will survive the events of the second episode, where he is attacked by orcs. He is most likely held captive by them and considering that Orcs have found their way to Tirharad, the elves will soon return to fight the evil. In the meantime, Arondir might come up with a way to escape the orcs on his own. Still, the war is only just beginning, and being one of the main characters means that Arondir is going to be smack in the middle of it.

Apart from the prospects of fighting the war against Sauron, there are other factors that could lead to Arondir’s death, the most important of them being his relationship with Bronwyn. Being in love with a mortal has always led to some sort of compromise for an elf, most notably for them to let go of their immortality to be with the one they love. Due to the forbidden nature of his and Bronwyn’s attachment, he might have to make such a choice too, and this might be where he paves the way for his death.

There are a lot of factors that can lead to an elf’s untimely death, and one of them is deep sorrow. It is unlikely that Arondir will give up his immortality while the war rages against Sauron. It will give him a better chance of survival, but the same doesn’t hold true for Bronwyn. She is just human, and quick on her feet as she might be, considering how she fought and killed the orc who came out of the tunnel that opened into her house, there is no guarantee that she will survive another orc attack. It is much easier to kill her, and should she die, Bronwyn will be left with a broken heart, which might kill him after all.

It is still too early to pass a verdict on Arondir’s fate and we still need to see where his journey will take him, but with a lot of odds against his favor, a sword is hanging on his head, and we can only pray that, when Sauron is defeated, Arondir makes it out unscathed.

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