Where Are Dominic Gugliatto and Fred Schultz Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Playboy Murders’ delves deep into the details of the murder of Christine Schultz and the legal proceedings that followed. Two of the names featured prominently in season 2, episode 3 of the show, which is titled ‘The Playboy Murders: Run Bambi Run,’ are that of Dominic Gugliatto and Fred Schultz, whose connection to Laurie Bembenek and the case, in general, has made the public wonder about their current whereabouts.

Dominic Gugliatto is No Longer in This World

When it came to the Christine Schultz case, Dominic Gugliatto did not become involved for a long time after the initial conviction for the murder was made in 1982. The person sentenced to life in prison for the same was none other than Laurie Bembenek. The first time Gugliatto met her was about eight years after the conviction when he was visiting the same prison in which Lauri lived in order to meet his sister, who was also imprisoned.

This marked the start of romance mainly conducted through letters and Gugliatto visiting Laurie every three weeks. In fact, he helped her escape prison on July 15, 1990, and took her to Thunder Bay, Ontario. The two were later arrested on October 17, 1990, and Gugliatto was deported back to the USA about a month later, where he would then be sentenced to spend a year in prison for his actions when it came to Laurie’s escape. Despite the fact that Gugliatto and Laurie were engaged, the two never got married.

While Gugliatto mostly chose to live a life away from the limelight, he did share his side of the whole story via his book ‘You Never Have to Remember the Truth: The Nick Gugliatto Story,’ which was published on May 3, 2013. In the book, he claimed that Laurie had not been as innocent as she claimed and had had a significant help when it came to the murder of Christine Schultz. We are saddened to share that Dominic Gugliatto is no longer in this world. At the age of 65, he passed away peacefully. His death was deeply mourned by his children, Edward, Bianca, Dominique, and Vincient, as well as his grandchildren.

Fred Schultz is a Father of Two

Elfred “Fred” Schultz Jr’s connection to the Christine Schultz murder case was a crucial one. The victim was actually his ex-wife, the two having divorced in November 1980. Fred went on to marry Laurie Bembenek in January 1981 and then remarried her in November 1981. The first marriage between the two was declared invalid since Fred had not waited for six months after his divorce before remarrying, as mandated by Wisconsin law.

That said, the marriage between Fred and Laurie did come to an end after the latter filed for divorce on June 28, 1983. Given the tense relationship between Christine and Fred, the latter had actually been one of the prime suspects in the murder of his ex-wife. However, the investigators pinned their focus on Laurie after more details came into the light. At the time of the murder, Fred had apparently been on duty with Michael Durfee. He had initially claimed that the two were investigating a burglary but admitted years later that they had actually been at a bar.

Choosing to live a life away from the limelight, Fred has not talked much about his feelings regarding the whole situation with the world. Following his ex-wife’s death, the care of his two sons, Sean and Shannon, likely fell on him. At the of Christine’s death, they had been 11 and 7 years old, respectively. Today, Fred prefers to lead a quiet life, and not much is known about him despite the public nature of the whole case and its connection to the Playboy brand.

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