Donna Ongsiako: What Happened to Her? Where is the Stabbing Survivor Now?

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When Donna Ongsiako opened the door of her Colts Neck, New Jersey farmhouse at around midnight on July 7, 2013, she did not expect to find an intruder trying to cut through her fence. Even though she immediately attempted to close the door, the perpetrator forced his way in before launching a vicious attack. ’48 Hours: A Stabbing in Colts Neck’ chronicles the gruesome incident and documents how Donna somehow escaped with her life. Let’s delve into the details and find out where the survivor is at present, shall we?

The 911 Call That Saved Donna’s Life

A resident of Colts Neck, New Jersey, Donna Ongsiako, enjoyed life in the suburban township. She resided with her daughter, Kiersten, in a farmhouse in the middle of a flower farm, and reports mention that she was pretty popular in the community. People who knew Donna described her as a caring and kindhearted individual who never hesitated to help others in need and maintained a friendly relationship with most people around her. On top of it, she enjoyed hosting parties, and sources claim that the farmhouse was filled with family and friends for the 4th of July holiday in 2013.

Image Credit: CBS News

However, with the guests finally gone, the mother of one was looking forward to a few quiet days. Yet, neither she nor her neighbors had any idea about the horrific crime that was about to change Donna’s life. On the night of July 7, 2013, Donna was alone at home since Kiersten was at a party nearby. Around midnight, she opened her front door to let her cat in when she faced an intruder who had cut through her fence and was standing in the garden. Donna immediately tried to slam the door in his face, but the attacker forced his way in, took out a knife, and began stabbing her incessantly.

The attacker stopped once Donna collapsed on the floor before ordering her to hand over her car keys and the lighter. Determined to stay alive, she guided the assailant to the objects, and he even grabbed her purse before stabbing her deep into the chest and quickly escaping. Since the farmhouse was in the middle of a farm, Donna knew that shouting would not bring the neighbors to her door. On the other hand, her phone was charging upstairs, and she had no idea how to call for help. Still determined not to give up so easily, she somehow forced herself up the stairs and dialed 911 from her phone.

Donna even gave the operator her address and a detailed description of the assailant before falling unconscious. However, first responders were already on their way, and they thankfully reached the farmhouse on time to save her life. Reports mentioned that Donna was immediately shifted to a nearby hospital and had to undergo surgery for more than seven hours before doctors could stabilize her condition. When she called 911, she described her attacker as a 17 years old male with long, blonde, curly hair and a backpack.

Interestingly, when the police began investigating the stabbing, they realized that shortly before Donna’s call, a driver had called 911 before informing them about a hitchhiker who matched the description. Furthermore, shortly after the stabbing, a Taco Bell employee claimed he saw a teenager with the same features in the drive-through. The employee even insisted that the teen had a knife in his hand and even helped authorities sketch the suspect. While the suspect was nowhere to be seen after the attack, the police soon located Donna’s stolen car abandoned behind a movie theatre near the Taco Bell outlet.

In the meantime, the sketch and a tip led authorities to a local 16-year-old teenager called Brennan Doyle, who did not have any criminal records to his name. On the other hand, the police noticed that he had cut his blonde hair recently, and they even found a knife in his home, which matched Donna’s wounds. A few days later, the Taco Bell employees found a knife on the roof of their restaurant, which matched the one recovered from Brennan’s home. It also had Donna’s blood on it, and once the stabbing survivor identified Brennan as her attacker, he was arrested and charged with six counts, including attempted murder and carjacking.

Donna Ongsiako is Rebuilding Her Life Today

Although Donna was relieved to hear about Brennan’s arrest, she was highly disappointed when he could post bail and walk free. Nevertheless, after he pled guilty to attempted murder and carjacking, the mother of one made it a point to attend his sentencing as she wanted her attacker to see her as a strong and determined survivor. The attack made Donna even more determined to help others who have experienced the same ordeal, and she started the non-profit organization, Survivors of Violent Crimes in 2015.

Image Credit: CBS News

Readers will be glad to know that the organization works as a peer-support group that provides resources and support for people who have survived sudden and life-threatening crimes. Although Donna currently prefers to keep her life under wraps, it seems like she resides in Keyport, New Jersey, and shares a warm relationship with her daughter, Kiersten. Additionally, she is committed to moving forward and rebuilding her life. Donna explained her mindset by saying, “You just keep going. I did what I had to do to be here today, you know, and go another day.”

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