Doomsday Preppers Season 2: Where Are They Now?

‘Doomsday Preppers’ season 2, continuing its exploration of extreme survival preparations, hit the screens on November 13, 2012, on the National Geographic Channel. The season delved even deeper into the diverse world of prepping, featuring individuals with ingenious strategies for the impending unknown. It maintained the gripping storytelling and eye-opening scenarios that made the show a hit.

Viewers were treated to a diverse array of preppers, each with their own set of beliefs, skills, and survival plans. From urban dwellers fortifying their homes to rural homesteaders creating self-sufficient lifestyles, the season showcased the lengths people were willing to go to ensure their readiness for any doomsday scenario. Now, the question arises–what has become of those preppers? Let’s unravel the current chapters of their pre-apocalyptic journeys.

Jason Beacham Has Ventured Into Music Production

Jason Beacham has taken a musical path post-show. Known for playing various instruments like piano, saxophone, harmonica, guitar, and drums, it was reported in 2013 that he ventured into music production and released music. Unfortunately, there have been no further updates on his activities since then, leaving the details of his musical journey in the years following the show unknown.

Braxton Southwick is a TV Personality Today

Braxton Southwick has made significant strides in the prepping community. Since his appearance on the show, Braxton has become a sought-after expert, featuring in various media outlets and television shows. He notably appeared on a PBS special on prepping, as well as popular shows like the ‘Today Show,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ Anderson Cooper Live, ‘Fox & Friends with Megan Kelly,’ and ‘the Jeff Probst Show.’

Additionally, Braxton participated in a documentary on prepping with Mathias and Staff Coppens of Belgium TV. His expertise has been recognized in publications such as Men’s Journal, American Survivor Guide, and USA Today. Notably, he has incorporated martial arts into his life, achieving a blue belt in Jiu-jitsu. Braxton actively engages in family trips, showcasing his ongoing dedication to preparedness and sharing knowledge.

Jay Blevins is the Owner of Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills LLC

Jay Blevins has transitioned into a role as the owner of Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills LLC after his stint on season 2. Known for hosting the annual Sportsman, Gun, and Prepper Expo, a one-day fundraising event focused on outdoor sports, survival, emergency preparedness, and firearms, he organized this event consecutively for 3 years, from 2015 to 2017. Jay Blevins’s expertise has extended to national television appearances, including ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ ‘The Today Show,’ and ‘CNN Headline News,’ as well as the ‘Jane Velez-Mitchell Show.’

In 2014, he added the author to his list of accomplishments with the publication of ‘The Last Fall by Jay Blevins.’ His involvement in various aspects of preparedness, coupled with his commitment to educating the public through expos and media appearances, showcases Jay Blevins’s continued dedication to the prepping community.

Brian Murdock Now Wears the Hat of an Entrepreneur

Image Credit: Legacy Wealth/YouTube

Brian Murdock has undergone a significant transformation, becoming the owner of Sell Fast New England Inc. Known as an active investor, Brian has expanded his portfolio to include 18 rental units. Additionally, his involvement as the owner of We Buy Houses in Massachusetts reflects his engagement in the real estate market. Details about his current relationship status with Tatiana, who appeared as his girlfriend in the show, are unclear. However, his professional pursuits in the real estate and investment domains highlight his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to financial growth.

Bryan May and Lacey May are Still a Happily Married Couple

Image Credit: Bryan May/ YouTube

Bryan and Lacey May, a couple featured in ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ have continued their journey together. Remaining united, they now share the joys of parenthood with their son named Orion. The couple actively maintains a presence on YouTube, where they provide insights into their experiences working on solar power grid ties. Lacey has also ventured into creative endeavors, sharing her passion for wreath-making. Their YouTube channel serves as a platform to not only showcase their commitment to sustainable living but also to share aspects of their family life, creating a community around their shared experiences.

Tom Perez is Still a Chiropractor

Tom Perez has pursued diverse educational and professional paths. Currently holding the title of a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. Alongside his medical pursuits, Tom owns an impressive 700 acres and is involved in deer breeding. His expertise has gained recognition, with features in over newspapers newspapers and interviews by the Men’s Journal. Tom has even made appearances on the ‘Steve Harvey Show’ in Chicago. Offering prepper weekend courses at his ranch for private groups showcases his commitment to educating others on survival and prepping. Tom Perez’s multifaceted journey underscores dedication to both healthcare and self-sufficiency, making a substantial impact in various fields.

Allen Expressed His Awareness of The Show’s Inclination

In a 2018 interview with 417 Magazine, Allen expressed his awareness of the show’s inclination to sensationalize content. He acknowledged that the producers aimed to highlight extreme aspects to captivate viewers, realizing that presenting typical preppers on an average day might be perceived as mundane. By appearing on the show, Allen demonstrated his preparedness and self-sufficiency, emphasizing the unique skills and setups that preppers like him employ for survival scenarios.

John Adrain Has Successfully Licensed Technologies

John Adrain stands out as a successful inventor known for his innovative approach to survival and security. His estate, strategically positioned on the edge of a cliff and surrounded by wooded areas, serves as a technological fortress. To enhance security, John has professionally trained German shepherd guard dogs. This impressive array of security solutions is a testament to his commitment to safeguarding his property.

John Adrain’s inventions extend beyond personal security; he has successfully licensed technologies to major global corporations. Notable companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Nissan, Jaguar/Land Rover, TRW, Magna International, General Motors, Clarion, and Panasonic have embraced his innovative solutions. One of his notable inventions is the Bullet Barrier Blinds, showcasing his ability to create practical and effective tools for various applications.

Bob Kay is Currently a CSO

Bob Kay, known as Robert Kay, currently holds the position of Chief Science Officer (CSO) at Isagenix International. Before joining the Isagenix corporate team, Dr. Kay served as the Chief Science Officer for his last three companies. In addition to his corporate roles, he is a certified Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) instructor and brings a background as a former registered dietitian to his current position at Isagenix International. Dr. Kay’s extensive experience in scientific and dietary roles reflects his commitment to advancing nutritional and health-related initiatives within the corporate sphere.

Joshua Wander Has Ventured Into Journalism

Joshua Wander has diversified his pursuits since his appearance on the show. Residing in Jerusalem, he serves as a public relations consultant, representing various projects. Joshua is a multi-faceted individual, engaging in journalism on numerous war fronts and volunteering to rescue refugees from Ukraine into Israel.

Notably, he is a member of the ZAKA team, identifying and preparing the deceased, particularly those affected by the actions of Hamas. Reportedly, in a 2020 interview with Times of Israel, Wander criticized ‘Doomsday Preppers’ for perpetuating stereotypes and forcing the cast to choose specific doomsday scenarios, noting the unpredictability of future events. His varied roles and dedication to humanitarian efforts illustrate a commitment to diverse pursuits beyond the stereotypical portrayals associated with prepping.

Ryan Croft Keeps His Life Under The Wraps

Ryan Croft, the President of Amendment Arms, Inc. in Arden in 2012, has seemingly remained off the radar since then. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about his activities or professional ventures post-2012.

Brenton Bruns is Now a Franchiser

Brenton Bruns has been identified as a tea tender, owner, and franchiser at Botava Life since October 2017. He also appeared in ‘Doomsday Castle’ in 2013. He has also held the title of Head Disruptor at since January 2016. Notably, in 2020, incidents related to his property, which was featured in ‘Doomsday Castle,’ garnered attention. According to the Pickens County Solicitor’s Office, there was a burglary in his castle. The charges were related to a series of break-ins on the vacant property between January and March 2018. This legal episode added a layer of complexity to Bruns’ association with ‘Doomsday Castle’ and raised questions about the property’s security and management.

Lucas Cameron Runs a Company Today

Lucas Cameron made a significant transition after his appearance on the show. Immediately following the show, he founded the ‘7 Trumpets Prepper’ channel, where he shared insights into prepping and survival strategies. In 2015, Cameron took on the role of Company Owner at Off Grid Contracting, demonstrating his commitment to off-grid living and self-sufficiency. His journey reflects a continuation of his prepping ethos into practical applications, contributing to the off-grid contracting industry.

Kevin O’Brien is a Realtor

Joining forces with Lucas Cameron, Kevin O’Brien has become an integral part of Off Grid Contracting. Additionally, he has taken on the role of owner at Cyre-Like Real Estate Services. O’Brien’s involvement in both real estate services and off-grid contracting underscores a holistic approach to sustainable living.

Snake Blocker Promotes Survival Benefits

Snake Blocker, president at Apache-3 Inc. since July 2019, has established himself as a multifaceted individual. Founding Snake Blocker Survival in 2012, he dedicated himself to promoting survival benefits through various martial arts disciplines, including Jeet Kune Do, Savate, Kung Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Stick & Knife Fighting, and Military Close Quarters Combat. His expertise extends to Apache Knife Fighting & Battle Tactics, encompassing Apache culture and language. Blocker’s engagement with fitness, nutrition, and his unique Snake Blocker World View is shared through a successful YouTube channel.

Blocker’s illustrious career includes retiring from the US Navy in August 2021 and obtaining a Master of Science degree from Colorado University in 2023. Beyond his professional achievements, he leads a fulfilling personal life with a loving wife, Melissa, and four children. The Snake Blocker Survival brand, coupled with his diverse skill set and experiences, highlights his dedication to holistic well-being and preparedness.

Craig Compeau is Deeply Rooted in Their Family Business

Craig Compeau represents the third generation of the Compeau family and is deeply rooted in their family business, Compeau’s Inc. Craig has been an integral part of the family business since 1978. As the owner and a full-time employee, he has garnered extensive experience by working in every department of the business. This enduring commitment reflects the Compeau family’s dedication to preserving their legacy and maintaining a strong connection with the pristine Alaskan wilderness.

Captain Bill Simpson is Now a Dive Master

Captain William E. Simpson II AKA Bill, a US Merchant Marine Officer, has established himself as a versatile professional with a rich maritime background. Not only is he an accomplished author, having penned ‘The Nautical Prepper,’ but he is also a commercial pilot with instrument ratings in multi-engine airplanes and helicopters. Additionally, Captain Simpson holds a PADI certification as a Dive Master, showcasing his proficiency in diverse realms of maritime and aeronautical expertise. His multifaceted skills underline a commitment to preparedness and safety in various challenging environments.

David Appleton is Now a Store Manager

David Appleton continues to bring laughter into the lives of many as a comedian and DJ, maintaining a vibrant career in the entertainment industry. Alongside his creative pursuits, Appleton has taken on the role of Co-op Store Manager, showcasing a diverse set of skills. As a father of three, he navigates the balance between his professional and family life, finding joy in both realms.

Margaret Ling is Now a Yoga Teacher

Margaret Ling has embraced a transformative journey, evolving into a diva with a unique blend of talents. She has transitioned into the roles of a yoga teacher and full-time PR & MKT professional, showcasing her versatility. Ling is also actively engaged in social media content creation, bringing her expertise to the digital realm. Her current position as a yoga instructor at Revive reflects a commitment to holistic well-being, combining her passion for yoga with her skills in public relations and marketing.

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