What Happened to Dr. Kapoor in Upload? Theories

The third season of Prime Video’s ‘Upload’ keeps the characters on edge by throwing one challenge after another in their way. Just when it looks like a mystery has been solved, another shows its face, and Nathan and Nora find themselves drowning deeper in the pool of secrets and lies perpetrated by billionaires like Choak. With every step, the protagonists are also made aware of the mortal danger they are putting themselves in. This is particularly highlighted when someone else meets a fate no one would wish upon themselves. Dr. Ari Kapoor seems to be one of those cautionary tales, though ‘Upload’ keeps some mystery about what may or may not have happened to him. SPOILERS AHEAD

Dr. Ari Kapoor Meets an Untimely End

In the first season of ‘Upload,’ when we are introduced to the world where people can still have a life after death, it is revealed that this world is trying to take a step further. They are working on a way to download the uploaded consciousness, basically bringing a person back to life. Of course, it comes with its own set of challenges, the first and foremost being the difficulty of keeping the download’s head from exploding.

Image Credit: Liane Hentscher/Prime Video

In the third season, after Nathan is downloaded, Nora tracks down the doctor who was leading the download project. He was on national TV when a man was downloaded but died a few moments later when his head exploded. Till then, Dr. Ari Kapoor had been a leading name in his field, but after that disaster on national TV, he became an outcast and tried to stay away from the media limelight.

Nora knows that he is the only person who can help Nathan, so they go to him. The doctor is intrigued by Nathan and gives him some pills to help him with the nosebleeds. However, when Nathan’s ex’s dog eats some of the pills, it is revealed that the pills are not made to keep people’s heads from exploding. It’s just to help people with their digestion. Nora wonders why the doctor lied about the medicine and goes to his house to talk to him, but it turns out that there is a much bigger mystery than the pills here.

When Nora knocks at Dr. Kapoor’s door, someone else opens it. The lady claims to have lived there for the past few years, saying that no Dr. Kapoor has been around for a while. Nora is confused, but she realizes that something fishy is going on and tries to run away. She is captured and taken to a fake Lakeview, where she is made to believe she is dead. She is drugged and interrogated. Aleesha is put to the task of getting the truth out of her friend, but Karina becomes impatient when Nora doesn’t say anything.

Aleesha doesn’t know the whole truth, but she suspects that something is wrong with what Karina is doing, and her timely warning to Nora saves the day. Karina lets Nora leave, though the latter barely remembers what happened to her, but the same fate doesn’t befall Mr. Kapoor. Karina is told to “erase” him, and that word doesn’t spark confidence about what may have happened to the doctor.

It’s not far-fetched to assume that Horizen or Choak’s people were keeping an eye on Dr. Kapoor or Nora due to her affiliation with Nathan and the fact that she’d been spying on Horizen all this time, having even worked with the Ludds. Kapoor knew something, and Horizen didn’t want him talking with Nora or anyone else about it. So, they captured him too and most probably interrogated him.

Considering that they still don’t know about the downloaded Nathan, it’s possible that the doctor found a way to circumvent the effect of drugs and kept that information from them. There is also a chance that he was uploaded, and they went through his memories using the hard drive, which is where perhaps the idea of “erasing” him comes into play. In any case, things don’t look too good for the doctor, and it’s fair to assume that he might as well be dead. If not, then he’s not in any good place either.

Dr. Kapoor’s tragic fate shows that there is much more to the download project than Nathan and Nora know at this point. Considering that we haven’t actually seen Dr. Kapoor die yet, there is a chance that he might be alive in some way and could eventually come back to drop the info on what Choak and his people really want with the download project and what nefarious plans they have in store.

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