Where is Ed and Lorraine Warren’s House Located?

Ed and Lorraine Warren were paranormal investigators, who worked in varied capacities to observe and study paranormal activities. In addition to this, they also helped with several cases of alleged hauntings. While Ed was a religious demonologist, Lorraine worked as a medium. Thus, the two often traveled to various places, offering their services, and even share their experiences with anyone interested in knowing.

Even though their works are criticized by some, it has inspired several films like ‘The Conjuring,’ ‘Annabelle,’ ‘Amityville Horror,’ etc. Interestingly, the house of both Ed and Lorraine which has featured in these films draws inspiration from their real house.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s House: Why is it Famous?

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s house is located in Monroe, Connecticut. Just behind the house, is the Occult Museum, which according to the family hosts several cursed or possessed artifacts the couple has collected over their career. Like in the ‘The Conjuring’ film, this is also the place, that holds the Annabelle doll safely. The doll is a Raggedy Ann doll, and looks nothing like the doll from the movies, which is more akin to Chucky from ‘Child’s Play.’ In any case, the Annabelle doll is housed within a glass case that is apparently bound by much protection. When the museum was open for visits, there was a strict policy on not touching any of the items. However, there is a case of a visitor who allegedly tried to bang on the glass case in some way and got killed in an accident, just hours later.

The Annabelle doll is not the only thing that the museum holds. There are several other items ranging from skulls to a vampire coffin, all of them having a back story. There is a piano, which apparently plays on its own during witching hours. Another one is a toy monkey that is allegedly possessed by a demon, which attempts to kill someone after stalking them. The mirror from, ‘The Conjuring’ is also very much present in the museum. Borley Rectory is considered to be the most haunted house in England. A brick from the house is placed in the museum. There is also a shadow doll, which allegedly visits its victims in their dreams and stops their heart. In any case, every nook and cranny of the museum is filled with such items.

What Happened to the Warren’s Occult Museum?

The Occult Museum is now closed due to zoning violations. Police Chief, John Salvatore said, “It is not a museum. It is a residential house. The street is a very narrow public roadway, inadequate for parking for any commercial enterprise. And the traffic generated by the home inconveniences neighbors.” Based on reports, it is possible that the museum may be relocated to another venue in the near future. (Feature Image Credit: CT Style)

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