Eddie Stanton Jr: What Happened to Edwin Stanton’s Son?

In Apple TV+’s ‘Manhunt,’ a thorough search for John Wilkes Booth and his accomplices begins when the President is shot while enjoying a show in Ford’s Theatre. Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War, spearheads the investigation and vows to leave no stone unturned and bring the culprits to justice at all costs. He is joined by his staff, the police officers, and several other people, all of whom work hard to piece together the conspiracy behind Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. One of the people on Stanton’s team is his own son, Eddie Stanton Jr. What happened to him after the events of the show?

Eddie Stanton Jr Died Young

Eddie Stanton Jr was born on August 12, 1842, and was only 35 years old when he died on September 15, 1877, eight years after the death of his father. He is laid to rest at Saint James the Less Episcopal Churchyard in Philadelphia. The specific cause of his death remains unknown, but Eddie Stanton did suffer from chronic illness when he was a child, and there is a chance that he was in the bounds of another illness, to which he succumbed in his mid-30s. His father was also lost to a life-long disease he had: asthma. While it was manageable in the beginning, it got worse over the last few years of Stanton’s life until it claimed him completely.

Eddie was Edwin Stanton’s son from his first wife, Mary Lamson Stanton, who died during childbirth, leaving Stanton grief-ridden and heartbroken. Eddie started working with his father at an early age, and as shown in the Apple TV+ series, he was with his father every step of the way in the investigation into John Wilkes Booth and the people he conspired with.

While Eddie’s father’s name is one for the history books, especially for the part he played as the Secretary of War during the American Civil War and for his diligence in going after the people who plotted against the government by killing the President and attacking other important people in the government, very little is known about Eddie’s professional life. A look into his personal life reveals that he was married to a woman named Matilda Wilkins Carr, with whom he had two children, Edwin and Sophy. His son, Edwin, who went on to serve in the First World War and was killed in action in France, was only two years old when Eddie passed away. He never got to meet his daughter, Sophy, who was born about two weeks after his death.

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