Eden and Erin: Has the Love Island Australia Couple Called it Quits?

In the first season of the Australian edition of ‘Love Island,’ a 23-year-old nurse from Melbourne, Erin Barnett, and a 25-year-old prison officer from Sydney, Eden Dally, signed up for the show as two potential Islanders. They got paired together and were the only couple to choose to be together from day 1 to day 35. This eventually helped them emerge as the runner-up position on the show. While it’s been quite some time since the season aired in 2018, fans have been wondering whether the relationship between Eden and Erin, a couple formed on the show, has managed to stand the test of time.

Eden and Erin Clicked From The First Day on the Show

On the first day of the series, the boys and girls were asked to pick out their partners. Without hesitation, both Eden and Erin went for each other. Erin even made it clear to her fellow contestants that Eden was hers and no one else was to consider trying to take him away. But, the warnings weren’t enough for Erin to control her jealous streak. When she first saw the new entrant, Kim, she quickly picked out that she was Eden’s type. Meanwhile, Kim also hinted at the possibility of her opting for Eden to fuel Erin’s anger further.

The speculations were only put to rest when Eden himself made it clear that despite finding Kim attractive, his loyalties remained with Erin. However, when Millie kissed Eden as a part of the game, Erin’s jealous rage once again came to the fore. Game or no game, she didn’t want anyone eyeing her man, leading her to dislike Millie. To convince Erin that his feelings for her were genuine, Eden shared a poem he’d written for her. This stamped the couple as one the strongest of the season and enabled them to become the first pair to enjoy a night at the hideaway.

Despite the occasional friction due to Erin’s continued jealousy bouts and Eden’s promises of loyalty, the pair became a threat to the others. They became the first couple of the season to confess their love for each other when a smitten Eden said, “I feel like I’m falling in love with you.” This was followed by an intimate proposal, asking Erin to be his girlfriend, leading the latter to happily oblige and turning them into the first official couple of the villa. As the season was nearing its end, Erin’s growing trust in her man was visible.

Eden also made his commitment known when a lie detector test proved that he wasn’t into Millie. On their final date, Eden and Erin decided to discuss life beyond the villa. While he was excited to meet her family, she made her decision of wanting to move to Sydney for him clear. They confessed their love for each other one last time before the grand finale and vowed to be with each other, irrespective of the outcome. Despite the pair coming in a close second, their love story in the villa, overcoming all sorts of obstacles, was one for the books.

Eden is Now a Father to a Baby Boy, While Erin is in a Happy Relationship

Even though they seemed happy, there was trouble in Eden and Erin’s paradise. They decided to part ways a few weeks after the season wrapped up. The pair broke up in September 2018 and shared a joint statement that read, “We look back and cherish the time we have spent together, the memories we have created, in both Spain and in Australia. We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for the support and love you have shown us, but we have to be honest within ourselves as we realize that our forever as a couple is no longer.”

After their split, both Eden and Erin moved on in their lives and have since found happiness. Eden is currently dating season 6 ‘Married at First Sight’ alum Cyrell Jiminez-Paule. The couple have an adorable son together named Boston, who was born in February 2020. Eden also appeared in ‘SAS: Australia’ season 1, which aired in 2020. He was dealt a devastating emotional blow when his longtime pet, Precious, passed away in January 2024. Currently based in Sydney, Eden is quite active on social media and keeps fans updated with snaps of his adorable family.

Meanwhile, Erin appeared on ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’ in 2020. Despite not being lucky in love in her past, Erin kept her heart open and finally found her “one true love” when she met Mick Russell, who is a proud father to three kids. She went public with the relationship update in December 2018. The couple, currently living together in Melbourne, got engaged in November 2023. Erin shared the happy news with her ardent followers on social media. While many expressed happiness at the news, few social media users hurled nasty remarks about their 19-year age gap.

Not one to mince words or let any negativity affect her, Erin slammed the haters by stating, “Yes I am dating an older man. No he isn’t my ‘sugar daddy.'” She further clarified, “I am so lucky to be with a man who treats me with respect and makes me truly happy every single day.” The couple has two adorable pet dachshunds named Slinky and Cookie. The gorgeous diva has been an advocate of PCOS and Endometriosis, having gone through an extreme form of it herself. She is also the ambassador of ‘Endometriosis Australia,’ and has written the book ‘Endo Unfiltered.’ On October 16, 2022, she lost her beloved Nanna, with whom she would often share stories and snippets on her socials.

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