Edward M. Harris Jr: Where is the Killer Now?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about an unfortunate surge in domestic violence cases, with lockdowns and increased stressors exacerbating existing issues within households. Amidst this alarming trend, the case of Brittany Steier unfolds—a tale that underscores the devastating consequences of domestic violence. Brittany, a mother of two toddlers, fell victim to the ultimate act of brutality when she was murdered by the father of her children, Edward McNeil Harris Jr. ‘American Monster: The Punisher’ lays bare the details of the case and details how Harris, who fled the scene, was later apprehended.

Who is Edward M. Harris Jr.?

On August 23, 2011, a deputy from the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence on Hill Green Road following a distress call. A woman informed the deputy that she had evicted her boyfriend the previous night, but to her dismay, she discovered him attempting to break into her home in the morning by tampering with the lock. Despite her efforts to remove him, he turned violent. He assaulted her by striking her face, gripping her hair, and attempting to forcibly pull her out of the house. The woman had red marks on her face and her arms and she also had dirt in her hair. The woman recounted that the man had threatened to take her to the forest and end her life.

Although she managed to free herself and contact 911, he had fled the scene by the time the police arrived. The man was no one other than Edward McNeil Harris Jr. Arrested on September 21, 2011, a month after the incident, the man was tracked down by the police following charges of aggravated assault and misdemeanor battery. Subsequently, he entered a plea of no contest and was handed a sentence of six months in jail, followed by an additional two months of probation.

About nine years later, Harris found himself involved with Brittany Steier. By February 2020, their relationship had hit a rough patch, leading Steier to move out of their shared residence on Hill Green Road to a location in Manatee County. According to reports, Harris texted her, inviting her to watch a movie together. The couple shared two children, aged one and two. During their conversation, Brittany expressed her reluctance to return to the previous living arrangement. In response, Harris became aggressive, brandishing a small revolver and making threats of harm towards her and himself.

Brittany, 31, successfully persuaded Harris to calm down, allowing her to exit the residence unharmed. While Harris assured her that he had no intentions of causing harm, he expressed a desire for her to experience the emotional pain he had been enduring. Brittany still chose to press charges against him. Harris, then 33, faced arrest on charges of false imprisonment and aggravated assault. Initially pleading not guilty, he opted for a jury trial. However, just three days later, Brittany decided to drop the charges.

On July 18, Brittany went to pick up her children from Harris’s residence, and reached out to a friend, expressing fear and requesting her company as she was reluctant to visit Harris alone. While placing their kids in the car, Brittany confronted Harris with the words, “What are you doing aloud.” At this moment, her friend witnessed Harris aiming a rifle or shotgun in Brittany’s direction and firing. Fearing for her safety, Brittany’s friend quickly left the scene with the two-year-old and sought refuge at Brittany’s sister’s house. When Brittany’s sister and her husband returned to the location with the police, they discovered Brittany had been fatally shot, and their one-year-old was found nearby with blood on him. Harris had fled the scene.

Edward M. Harris Jr. is Serving His Sentence Today

Harris attempted to evade the police, reaching speeds of nearly 100 mph through Crawfordville. However, the Wakulla County Sheriff’s successfully apprehended him, leading to his arrest on charges of murder. The trial commenced in December 2022, and after just two days, Harris was found guilty. He faced convictions for first-degree murder in the case of Brittany Steier, child neglect, fleeing, and possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. The mandatory sentencing resulted in a life sentence with three consecutive 15-year sentences. Both of Harris’s children were adopted by Brittany’s sister. Presently, he serves his sentence at Century C.I., affiliated with the Florida Department of Corrections. While he retains visitation rights, he has no chance of parole.

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