Where is Erik Maund’s Family Now?

The murders of Holly Williams and William Lanway are covered extensively in ABC’s ’20/20: Sealed With a Kill,’ with the show delving into the details of just how it all came to be. The case started with an affair between Williams and Erik Maund, who became afraid that his affair would be exposed and hired men to murder the two on March 12, 2020. Given Maund’s extensive involvement in the case, the world has become invested in learning what they can about the man. Specifically, people are eager to know what his family has been up to these days.

Sheri Maund Prefers a Private Lifestyle

Given that the murders of Holly Williams and William Lanway started because of Erik Maund’s fear of his extramarital affair being discovered, people have been especially eager to learn more about his wife, Sheri Maund, who previously went by the name Sheri Blaschke. Daughter to Sylvan Blaschke, she married Erik on February 20, 1999. During the wedding, her sister, Stephanie Blascke, was actually the maid of honor, an event attended by several close members of the family.

Not long after the deaths of Willimas and Lanway, Erik seemingly tried to end his marriage with Sheri. As per a document submitted on May 8, 2020, he filed for a divorce in Texas’ Travis County court. However, the procedure was dismissed as a nonsuit, primarily due to Erik’s involvement in the murder trial of Williams and Lanway, for which he arrested in December 2021. Erik was found guilty of conspiracy of murder-for-hire on November 17, 2023.

Though he has not been sentenced for his crimes, Erik does face a mandatory life sentence in federal prison. Sheri herself has not shared much about her opinion regarding the whole case, even after Erik’s conviction. However, the fact that this all started due to an extramarital affair certainly would not have made Sheri happy. As far as her knowledge regarding her husband’s actions is concerned, it seems like Sheri was unaware of the ongoing affair before the case became such a public deal. For the most part, she prefers to lead a private life and has not shared much with the public when it comes to details regarding her personal life. While it has been reported that she and Erik share a son named Doug Maund, not much is known about him as well.

Charles Maund Has Passed Away

In regards to Erik Maund’s involvement in the murders of Holly Williams and William Lanway, one name that has been uttered numerous times is that of Charles Maund. The man in question is Erik Maund’s grandfather, who had established the Maund Automotive Group Parts Department in Austin, Texas, along with Charles Maund Toyota. It was for this family business that Erik had been serving as a Partner when his affair with Williams came to light.

Given the successful nature of Charles’ company, many could not help but be upset about just how the case impacted his legacy. The company’s name infamous due to its connection to Erik and the business remains operational as of writing. As for Charles, he had been married to Helen Maund before she passed away after 47 years of marriage. As for the automobile business owner, he passed away on December 1, 2002, at the age of 75. Together, he and Helen were parents to Doug and Mark Maund. At the time of his passing, he was also grandfather to Jennifer, Megan, Erik, Lindsey, Adam and Ashley, as well as a great grandfather to Preston Charles and Hannah McKenzie.

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