Extreme Makeover Home Edition Season 5: Where Are the Families Now?

ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ chronicles the journey of several families as they receive the surprise of their lives in the form of a complete home renovation. Ty Pennington and a team of designers, and constructors collaborate to create a house that would help a streak of families overcome tragedy, loss, and harsh conditions. The reality home improvement series features the highs and lows that several individuals overcome with the help of community and family. Years since the fifth iteration of the series graced the screens, fans have continued to wonder more about the families.

The Akana Family is Managing Keiki O Ka Aina Even Today

Family in Shock Over Extreme Makeover

Theresa, Ben, and their children, Keahi, Ku’ueli, Maka, and Poli, received the surprise of their lives when their home was renovated. In addition to the renovation of the Akana Family, Ty and his team also took on the project of rebuilding the KOKA Family Learning Center run by the family for more than eleven years. Since the show, the family has continued to dedicate their time and effort to educating children, strengthening families, enriching communities, and perpetuating culture through their organization, the KOKA Family Learning Center. Fans can find Keiki O Ka Aina’s latest activities on their website.

The Carter Family is Raising Awareness Even Today

Extreme Makeover Home Edition S05E04 The Carter Family - YouTube

Once living in a refurbished chicken coop, Lon, Julie, and their daughters, Jade, Sapphire, and Chalce-Donae, managed to win a house through the ABC team. Having been born with Chiari malformation, Julie and Jade, Sapphire, and Chalce-Donae had been suffering from a rare brain malformation. After the show, the family has kept a decidedly low profile. Julie Carter founded “Chiari People of Montana”, a group that supported Montanans inflicted with debilitating brain malformation. Since the show, Julia has continued to devote time, money, and energy to promoting awareness of this condition.

The Byers Family Has Since Overcome Loss

Ty and his team overtake the house of Oregan-based Rob and Rachel Byers and their three children, Joe, Chris, and Boey. Ailing with cancer for the past two years, Boey soon lost the battle to cancer shortly after the family made an appearance on the season. Since the show, Rob and Rachel have welcomed two more sons into their family. Now, the parents of five, have also welcomed sons Joshua and Josiah into their little unit. On the professional front, Rachel and Rob have been working as real estate agents and have kickstarted their company, Byers Real Estate.

The Stockdale Family Has Since Endured Other Hurdles

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition · Season 5 Episode 9 · The Stockdale Family - Plex

The Stockdales were dealing with more than just a dilapidated house. With four children suffering from a rare disease called eosinophilic enteropathy, parents Ryan and Karia had to deal with several issues. After the show, Ryan had to seek surgical intervention to get rid of torturous cluster headaches that would make him scream in pain. Formerly an employee at Omnipure Filter CO., Ryan received his surgery in 2013. Despite getting the surgery, the television personality still bore medical complications. From having allergic reactions to failing to get the pain under control, Ryan had to undergo an emergency biopsy to find out the root cause. Since receiving medical intervention to control his pain, the family has largely kept their lives under wraps.

The Brown Family Still Hopes to Bring Positive Change


Having been struck by the woes of floods, loot, and fire, the Browns had to put up with a lot. Thankfully, their Connecticut house was one of the places that the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team selected. Johnny and Jeanne were parents to Katrina and Alex. However, after losing their eldest, Alex, to a texting car accident, the duo decided to kickstart the R.A.B. Foundation (Remembering Alex Brown) to help others understand the seriousness of texting while driving. Katrina later enrolled in the Texas Tech University ISD distance education so that she could complete her classes and travel with her parents. She also had a YouTube show entitled ‘Katrina’s corner.’

The Marrero Family is Now Exploring New Heights

Victor had been raising his five teenage sons singlehandedly after their mother abandoned them twelve years ago. The family had been living in a run-down rental town-home in New Jersey with inadequate plumbing, run-down walls, little furnishings, and several other issues. Things had gone up to the point that the sons didn’t know where their next meal would come from. Not just this, but trying to provide treatment for their cancer-stricken father was also becoming an issue.

While the family managed to receive a changed house, things didn’t get better for the men so fast. In 2009, the family had to sell their house after the extreme tax and utility bills led them to a battle with finances. Since the show, Billy has been thrust into the realm of media. Along with Nick Young, the urban hip-hop duo has made several milestones as part of ‘Epoch Failure.’ From reaching the Super Bowl to getting blasted in Knicks games, their music has been appreciated by countless.

The Miller Family Has Come Under Media Scrutiny Once More

Extreme Makeover' family in media spotlight after 'medical child abuse' allegations - oregonlive.com
Image Credit: Oregan Live

In Wyoming, the Miller family weren’t just bringing up their children but also undertaking the care of their animals. However, the increasing risk of radon posed a significant threat to the family since the children had heart defects. After their appearance on the show, the family has remained relatively quiet about their life. The family ended up selling their house in the fall of 2009 after failing to keep up with the increased operating costs of the household.

Not just this, doctors and social workers also began questioning Terri Cerda when she insisted that her daughters, Maggi and Molly, had chronic health problems. The girls were taken into the temporary custody of the state after Dr. Thomas Valvano, a paediatrician, ended up reporting the parents. He also iterated that the children were victims of medical child abuse when the case went to Clackamas County Circuit Court.

Later, the girls were put under the care of their maternal grandfather, Jerry McMahan, after doctors testified that Terri subjected the girls to unneeded medical attention and instilled emotional and psychological fears in them. The state authorities had tried to take the children back once their parents had regained their custody.

The Swenson Lee Family Are Still Vociferous Advocates

Ep. 2 Vicki Swenson: From Grieving Sister to Victim Advocate — Flip Your Script
Image Credit: Flip Your Script

The Swenson-Lee household marked the 100th episode of the series. To help the family of nine, Ty and his had headed to Minnesota on a new adventure. Erik and Vicki and their seven children – Taylor, Samantha, Trevor, Tyler, Tara, Stella, and Olivia were in desperate need of hope. In reality, Taylor, Trevor, Tyler, and Tara were Vicki’s nieces and nephews who had come to live with the family after their mother had been murdered by her ex-boyfriend. To help them fight the challenges of their past and outgrow their three-bedroom home, the ABC team rejuvenated the entire household. Since the show, the Swenson and Lee family has embarked on new challenges and availed new opportunities as a unit. Most recently, Vicki appeared in the ‘Flip Your Script’ podcast and talked about grief and her journey to a victim advocate.

The Vitale Family Has Since Sold Their Home

Louis and his wife Sara were parents to Kane and Louis Jr and were based in Vermont. While their family home was in desperate need of renovation, the Vitale household also faced other challenges. Their youngest, Louis, had numerous skeletal abnormalities and had to use a wheelchair. Despite getting the household of their dreams, the family still had to face several issues. In 2009, the family fell behind on their mortgage and couldn’t keep up with the size of the house either. In addition to defaulting on the mortgage, the family had trouble paying the heating bills and house taxes. With no tax relief eligibility, the family’s only source of income remained Sara, a mental health worker. The family had come close to selling their home in 2013. However, no recent updates have been provided by the Vitales.

The Ray-Smith Family is Exploring New Opportunities

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - Season 5 - YouTube

Brittany Ray had won Maine’s Teacher of the Year Award. Nevertheless, her husband and children Bayley, Thomas, and Jojo were still in need of a new house. The family was based in an antiquated property that belonged to Britanny’s family and dated for over 100 years. After successfully conducting a seance and seeking permission from Brittany’s ancestors for a demolition, Ty and his team carried out the necessary repairs. Since then, the family has been relatively quiet about their updates and life.

The Chapin Family is Making New Milestones Even Today

Connie Chapin, a single mother of three daughters and a son, had decided to set up a swim school called Angelfish in a family pool after learning that the most common cause of childhood deaths was drowning in the state of Washington. However, her altruistic action was soon deemed structurally unsafe and had to be torn down. Ultimately, Ty and his team undertook a rigorous upkeep renovation and managed to rejuvenate the property.

Since then, Connie and her children, Molly, Anna, Rachel, and Danny, have been achieving new milestones as a unit. After the show, Connie began using her Kirkland property to teach disabled children how to swim. Not just this, the former Hopelink client has also remained a significant member of her community and has been known for doing food collections and baking cookies for neighbors. The single mother began teaching as many as 225 kids per week and even partnered with Learn to Swim, a nonprofit organization. Most recently, her organization completed 20 years since its inception. She is also launching The Learn to Swim Foundation.

The Woodhouse Family is Now Onto Great Things

The ‘Extreme Makeover’ team left for Colorado Springs to help out the Woodhouse family, comprising Kayla, a ten-year-old girl suffering from Hereditary Sensory Autonomic Neuropathy. As one of the only 25 people in the world diagnosed with the disease, Kayla had a disorder that would give her high temperatures that couldn’t be brought down without medical intervention.

Ultimately, the ABC team constructed a house that would allow the family to adjust better to Kayla’s condition. The team constructed a water-themed room to help her keep her body temperature down. Since then, Kayla has embarked on new adventures. She enrolled in UCCS in 2016 due to its health programs and exciting learning atmosphere.

She has since earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Colorado. She later tied the knot and finished her Master’s Degree in Biblical Exegesis. The published author has also appeared in ‘The Montel Williams Show’ and ‘Mystery ER.’ Kayla’s father began working as a pastor while her mother, Kim, continued to support her through life’s highs and lows while continuing her streak as a bestselling author.

The Luther Family Came Under the Spotlight Once Again

The team of ‘Extreme Makeover’ took on a marvelous and significant project often considered to be their largest build ever for the Luther family in Maryland. The family received an indoor riding arena and even a horse stable for people with disabilities. After the show, the Luther family was brought under the spotlight when Alex Luther, the son of the family, was arrested in connection with a robbery in Maryland. According to the authorities, Alex held up a Rising Sun-area liquor store at gunpoint twice. He was involved in two armed robberies and charged, too.

The Voisine Family is Now Achieving New Heights

Casey Voisine and her four children had lost their home during the 2006 New England food and were in desperate need of help. While Ty and his team of designers, builders, and constructors provided the family with a new hope, the Voisines also got a bonus from an organization called ‘There’s No Place Like Home.’ The family also received a second garage as part of Ty’s secret project. Since the show, the family has decided to keep things under wraps.

The Gilyeat Family is Still Facing Obstacles Head-On

Showing his prosthetic leg (http://orangekite1.wordpress.com/category/american-flag/)
Image Credit: My Hero

Daniel Gilyeat was a U.S. Marine who had been on his second tour in Iraq when the unexpected happened. During his time in the country, a bomb hit his truck, which eventually led him to lose his leg. After returning to Kansas, he found that his home was no longer accessible. Ultimately, he received the help of the ABC team to renovate the dilapidated structure. Shortly after the show, the family had to deal with unexpected repairs to the home’s construction, including cracks in the ceiling. Alas, the family decided to put up their house for sale and have since kept their information outside media scrutiny. Later, he contested as a Republican in the August 2010 Republican Primary.

The Hughes Family is Establishing New Milestones

Film about Patrick Henry Hughes premieres at Louisville Palace
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Patrick Henry Hughes, a talented musician, was dealing with several issues in his house because he wasn’t able to access it completely using his wheelchair. Moroever, being blind also presented several issues for the musician. Ultimately, Hughes got a house that was accessible and would no longer be an issue to traverse for Patrick and other members of the family.

After the show, Patrick and his family appeared on ‘Family Fued’ and went up to the final day. Alas, a technical error led them to leave the show empty-handed. In 2015, Patrick’s story was adapted into a movie helmed by Zach Meiners entitled, ‘I Am Potential.’ The movie is based on the pianist’s autobiographical work, ‘I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving, and Reaching Your Dreams’ with Bryant Stamford.

The Turner Family is Undeterred by Impediments

As significant members of the community, the Turners were heavily involved in different events. Richard was an enacting football coach for troubled kids, whereas his wife was trying to finish her Master’s Degree and trying to become a teacher. However, their house remained too small and cramped for seven individuals. Ultimately, the Turners managed to receive a bigger house that would cater to the requirements of the family. After the show, the family was the recipient of an unexpected rumor when three radio stations accidentally announced that their house was up for sale. Nevertheless, the Turners have continued to live and continue their success in the house along with their children, Teresa, Layton, Tyron, and Michael.

The Boettcher Family is Still Helping People


Steve and Mary were beloved members of their community in Nevada who didn’t just engage with others through their community recreation room but also connected with teenagers through their work as preachers and believers. The couple’s rec room didn’t just receive its due diligent repairs but also got new pool tables and air hockey tables for the teenagers to enjoy. Since the show, the Boettchers have continued to spread positive words and are now looking forward to creating new milestones. He has since become the pastor at Taft’s Assembly of God. The biking enthusiast has continued to channel his interests and help people, too.

The Lucas Family Has Remained Outside the Realm of Media

Michael Lucas, a former military man, received the help of Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover team. Along with his wife, Michael had been raising Joseph, his youngest who was also on the autism spectrum. The ‘Extreme Makeover’ team did not just deliver Ty and Jean a master bedroom but also helped them recreate a landscape that paralleled the setting for a Civil War battle.

The Martinez Family is Still Creating Ever-lasting Change

Gerald and his family had moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, after the patriarch decided he wanted to help reform the lives of the children in the neighborhood. In the hopes of fighting crime with kindness, Gerald had made his home a safe haven for several people. However, their fixer-upper duplex had been an issue for the Martinez family, who could no longer have the privacy they needed. Ultimately, Ty and his team renovated the Martinez house over an entire block. Not just this, they even created a dorm room for people who needed to sleep. Furthermore, they created a rec room for people to find other things to enjoy instead of living out in the streets. Alas, the family lost their patriarch and torchbearer for change in 2012. Gerald breathed his last in September, 2012 and has been survived by his wife, children, nephews, and neices.

The Gaudet Family Is Focusing on Themselves

Gaudet Family - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Season 5, Episode 23) - Apple TV

Based in Alabama, the Gaudets had an epiphany when their youngest son, Peter, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Ultimately, their son’s diagnosis propelled the family to open up ‘Camp Smile,’ a special camp for people of the community. Through their work, the family earned the love and respect of everyone around them. Finally, Ty and his team were able to deliver a better house for the Gaudets, which was no longer affected by the woes of Hurricane Katrina. Not just this, Ty also created a therapeutic room for Peter.

The Latif Family Has Been Growing As a Unit

Latif Family - Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (Season 5, Episode 24) - Apple TV

Based in Delaware, Ju-Juanna Latif was once a single teen mother raising her three children. Over the course of years, she returned to college and even managed to purchase a house. However, since her youngest had to use a wheelchair, having an accessible home was paramount. The family also lived with Miss Rose Morgan, an elderly woman who had lived next door to the family. In the past, Miss Rose had been living in a complex house that was far from accessible for the wheelchair-ridden woman. With nothing but a plastic sheet to keep out the cold, Rose had her share of struggles. The family was presented with a dream house, grants, and scholarships for the children.

The Silva Family Has Since Sold Their House

Image Credit: ABC 6

Once a race car driver, Ken was living in Warwick, Rhode Island, with his wife, Doreen and their five children. However, the family was in desperate need of help when they realized that their house was contaminated with lead poisoning. Ultimately, the Silvas, their two biological and three adopted children, earned a house that was a property that was free from the fear of lead poisoning. Since then,

The Giunta Family Continues New Adventures

Renee Giunta and Paul Giunta Jr. have three children: Cameron, Dylan, and Brianna. Residing in Greater Boston, Renee now runs her own hair salon, Chez Renee Hair Salon. She started the venture in 2014 and is currently working as a Master Stylist and Color Specialist. Her work has taken her to Italy, Miami, Las Vegas, Washington DC, and New York City. Paul Giunta Jr. is now a Fitness and nutrition coach at Improve Yourself. Before his accident in 2006, the Babson College alum worked as a Data Entry Specialist at Monster Worldwide Inc. We are very happy to inform our readers that Paul has regained strength in both legs and can walk again. Cameron is currently pursuing a visual arts degree at UMass Dartmouth.

The Usea Family Is Exploring New Paths

Streamly | Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Säsong 5, The Usea Family - Part 1

In Westwego, Louisiana, fireman Brad Usea, his wife Laura, and their children, Abby and Audrey, were making do with a house with significant structural issues. However, Ty and his team made use of their skills to help the family exponentially. Since receiving a renovated house from a team of skilled individuals, the Usea family has been making new milestones.

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