Fear The Walking Dead: Where Was the TV Show Filmed?

AMC’s hit series ‘Fear The Walking Dead,’ the spin-off of the long-running ‘The Walking Dead,’ tells the story of how a group of people adapts to a world struck by a zombie apocalypse. came about, Season 1 set during the first days of the virus outbreak. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ (or FTWD) starts off by relaying events that happened months before Rick Grimes woke up from his coma in ‘The Walking Dead.’

Set in the same universe, both series have rewarded fans with multiple cross-overs during the course of their runs. ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ is the same kind of dark, gritty, gory, and exciting that ‘The Walking Dead’ is, just with a different set of talented actors. Curious to know where ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ has been filmed? We’ve compiled an extensive list of the FTWD’s filming locations.

Fear The Walking Dead Filming Locations

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ filmed its first season in Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Parts of the second and the third season were filmed in various locations in Mexico, while season 4 saw the cast and crew of FTWD move back to the US to shoot in Texas. Here are the specific filming locations in more detail.

Los Angeles, California

Within the city of Los Angeles, ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ scenes from the first season were filmed at the Pilgrim Church and the Sunset Triangle Plaza in Silver Lake, Woodrow Wilson High School, Temple Community Hospital in Rampart Village, the now-demolished Sixth Street Bridge in downtown LA, and the Venice Beach and Long Beach. Dodger Stadium in Elysian Park and Sunken City in San Pedro, LA, were also among the season 1 shooting locations.

Vancouver, British Columbia

More than half of season 1 was filmed in Vancouver at these specific places – Oceanic Plaza in Downtown Vancouver (previously the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Administrative Building) that’s located in South Cambie, and the Pacific Coliseum in Hastings Park.

Baja California, Mexico

For seasons 2 and 3, on-location filming was majorly done in the country of Mexico (the state of Baja California), with scenes filming at Colonia Santa Anita, Rosarito Beach Hotel and Spa in Rosarito, the Abelardo L. Rodriguez Dam, and Plaza Monumental de Tijuana in Tijuana. Filming was also done on sets created in Baja Studios in Baja California.


Season 4 and 5 were almost entirely filmed in the state of Texas, mostly in the city of Austin. Some scenes were also filmed in Elgin and Fentress, a small town and community, respectively. In Round Rock, Dell Diamond Stadium, home of the Armadillos, served as the home base and haven for the main surviving group of ‘FTWD.’

Other locations in Austin where some of the scenes were shot are Lytton Springs General Store in Dale, Downtown Manor, Volente Beach, Service King Collision Repair in the North Lamar area, and the Southeast Metropolitan Park.

A primary location for filming ‘FTWD’ is also the Brackenridge Hospital in Austin. Parts of season 5 and 6 were shot in New Braunfels and Hays County as well. Production for season 6, which is also shot in and around Austin, was shut down because of the pandemic but resumed in August 2020, reportedly.

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