FishWife Shark Tank Update: Redefining Canned Seafood in Style

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of the food industry, saturation seems like an impossibility, with endless possibilities for new combinations and offerings. The real challenge lies in identifying a unique market gap and creating products that not only fill that void but do so seamlessly. Fishwife boldly entered the scene on the 10th episode of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank,’ presenting a seafood product that aimed to make significant waves in the industry. Their approach signifies a commitment to innovation and a fresh take on meeting consumer demands in a market where standing out is key.

FishWife: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

The term “fishwife” has a rich history that has evolved over the years, encapsulating various meanings and societal roles. In the 16th century, it referred to women who were daughters of or married to fishermen and played essential roles in the fishing industry, handling fishmongering and selling fish at local markets. They were known for their resilience and strength, often working alongside the men of the house to support their families. Over time, the term began to be associated with women deemed outspoken, bold, and using strong language.

Nevertheless, the existence of such stereotypes underscores that the word originally represented women who were unafraid to express themselves, challenging societal expectations of submission. In October 2020, Becca Millstein, a Brown University history graduate, and Caroline Goldfarb joined forces to establish Fishwife. Embracing the term as a reflection of their own identity, they introduced a line of high-quality, sustainably sourced tinned seafood. The inspiration behind their venture stemmed from the realization during the COVID-19 pandemic that the demand for canned meats, particularly fish, had been on the rise.

They observed a growing inclination among consumers to use canned seafood, yet they perceived a gap in the market, with the US lacking premium options comparable to those found in European countries. They aimed to provide an elevated and sophisticated choice for consumers seeking a higher-quality dining experience with tinned seafood. Becca Millstein, who graduated in 2016, brought a wealth of experience to Fishwife, having worked as a branding assistant, editorial and programming apprentice, and in commercial licensing and brand partnerships. Her diverse background in the industry positioned her well for launching Fishwife.

With Caroline Goldfarb as her business partner, who shared her vision, they entered the market with a commitment to sustainability. Fishwife offers a range of fish products, including albacore, salmon, and tuna. What distinguishes their products is the dedication to environmentally conscious practices, from the farming and catching of the fish to the brining and smoking process carried out in small batches over hardwood. The family-based canneries in Washington state and British Columbia pack these high-quality products into small tins, making them available for sale.

Where is FishWife Now?

Fishwife, being a women-led and women-controlled business, stands out for subversively challenging stereotypical gendered notions. This unique positioning has garnered significant media coverage for their products. In addition to online sales, Fishwife’s presence is strengthened by physical stores spread across the United States and Canada. This widespread availability contributes to their visibility in the market. Since they appeared on ‘Shark Tank.’ They have become even more popular and are seeing an increased flow to their website and social media handles.

Fishwife’s flagship product, the Wild-Caught Smoked Albacore Tuna, remains a favorite, available in a charming pink box of three for $27. The Smoked Atlantic Salmon, priced reasonably at $33 for a pack of three, is another popular choice. For those seeking variety, Fishwife introduced Smoked Trout, offering a smoky trio of distinct products. Expanding beyond seafood, they now offer a tinned fish serving set, a tinned candle, clothing, and various merchandise like produce bags, caps, and fish-themed items. Fishwife caters to fish enthusiasts with an array of high-quality, reasonably priced products and unique merchandise.

Fishwife’s website features a dedicated section filled with recipes, serving a dual purpose. Firstly, it aids in building customer loyalty by providing valuable cooking tips, tricks, and new recipes for those purchasing from their store. Secondly, it extends its customer base as individuals seeking delectable recipes become interested in trying and buying their products. FishWife has successfully made canned fish an integral part of sophisticated and fancy meals for many, evident in customer reviews and praise. Their strategic inclusion of culinary inspiration showcases their commitment to both good business and elevating the culinary experiences of their customers.

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